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‘Opioid Matrix’ podcast dives deep into opioid crisis

Retired DEA agent and expert guests explore drug production, trafficking, and the role of law enforcement and harm reduction to combat the flow of fentanyl into our communities

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You can’t turn on any media outlet without seeing how the opioid crisis is affecting the world, our country and our communities. With the number of overdose deaths reaching 100,000 in a one-year period in 2021, there is just no end in sight. Overdose deaths from synthetic opioids, primary fentanyl, are the new drug of choice among drug producers, traffickers and users. What is contributing to our society’s new paradigm shift to use stronger and more deadly narcotics?

Rigaku recently launched a new podcast titled “The Opioid Matrix: a journey into the rabbit hole.” In this podcast, Michael Brown, retired-DEA supervisory special agent and current Narcotics Interdiction business manager, and Jen Lynch, marketing director, take a deep dive into the contributing factors of the current opioid crisis hitting the United States. Brown’s experience as a DEA agent stationed in various drug production countries from South America to the Far East, has given him a unique 360⁰ viewpoint into the illegal drug trade. Brown and Lynch break down what is happening internationally country-by-country and relate that to what we are seeing in our communities.

Have we completely lost the domestic war on drugs? And what about the international war on drugs? We cover the illegal drug supply chain from beginning to end. Each episode will feature a hard-hitting discussion with industry experts about the current opioid crisis, including drug trafficking, drug production, addiction and the new paradigm of pill users, as well as the role of government, law enforcement, new health and social programs and much more. Special “Opioid Matrix podcast” guests range from politicians to parents to law enforcement to harm reduction activists to chemists, and equipment manufacturers.

The goal of the podcast is to plug into the matrix of this complex issue by bringing awareness of all contributing factors. Here is a breakdown of some of the topics:

  • The U.S. domestic drug war: is this battle a lost cause? We review the difference between drug trafficking and use in the inner cities vs. suburban areas and the role of law enforcement at the U.S. Mexican border.
  • The international drug war: breaking down the fentanyl supply chain. Brown summarizes the regions around the globe and how they contribute to synthetic opioid production.
  • Fruit of the poisonous tree: the origins of the fentanyl problem. How and where is fentanyl produced? We discuss the connection between China and Mexico which is currently flooding the U.S. with illicit drugs.
  • Finding the weak links: how to target cartel capabilities. Based on Brown’s experience, he discusses how to dismantle criminal organizations to stop the flow of fentanyl.
  • The role of the Taliban in the international drug trade. With the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, we discuss the trends of drug production in this region and how that will have a direct impact on Europe.
  • The increased threat posed by transnational criminal organizations in Pakistan. Brown discusses a recent trip to Pakistan and its vulnerable state due to the current situation in Afghanistan.
  • How fentanyl changes the paradigm by deceiving a new customer base. We go beyond the traditional drug user to discuss the astounding statistics and dangers of one-time-use fentanyl-related deaths.
  • The U.S. national drug control strategy. We break down the current plan put in place by Dr. Rahul Gupta, Director of the National Drug Control Policy, to target and curve the upward trend of overdose deaths the U.S. is currently facing.

We have all been affected by the opioid epidemic. Join us and learn more about all aspects that contribute to the current fentanyl issues we are facing in the U.S. We must all understand the complexity of this vast problem in order to put forth the best effort to solve it and stop these deaths.

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