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Real-Time 911 call streaming enhances officer response with BRINC and HigherGround

The partnership enables call streaming to provide first responders with comprehensive information about emergencies before they arrive on scene

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SEATTLE — BRINC, a pioneer in drone technology for first responders, partners with HigherGround, a leading developer of mission-critical communications software. This collaboration aims to enhance emergency response effectiveness by providing officers with comprehensive information from 911 calls through HigherGround’s Live911 software alongside live video feeds from BRINC’s Drone as First Responder (DFR) solution.

BRINC recently introduced the first-ever purpose-built DFR solution, designed to provide critical support to first responders. By integrating Live911’s real-time call streaming, BRINC addresses a significant gap in emergency response: the limitations of dispatcher summaries. Traditionally, dispatchers relay critical information, including call summaries, only verbally, which can lead to missing crucial details. Now, teleoperators can hear 911 emergency calls in real-time with HigherGround’s Live911 call streaming system. This partnership also allows officers in the field to hear what is occurring in real-time and receive immediate situation updates before they arrive on the scene.

“Integrating Live911’s real-time call streaming with our DFR solution addresses a critical gap in emergency response,” stated Blake Resnick, BRINC CEO and Founder. “This ensures officers receive comprehensive, unfiltered information, improving their situational awareness and response efficiency.”

By combining Live911’s patented technology with BRINC’s DFR solution, officers can listen to the 911 call via Live911 and, once the drone arrives on the scene, view the scene through the drone’s live video feed.

Access to full 911 call details and live visuals allows officers to assess situations more accurately and make better-informed decisions for enhanced de-escalation. Real-time data integration enables quicker and more precise responses, as officers no longer need to rely solely on dispatcher summaries that may omit critical information.

“The fusion of Live911’s real-time audio with BRINC’s drone video feeds provides a powerful tool for first responders,” said HigherGround CEO & President Terry Ryan. “This collaboration ensures that officers have the most accurate and immediate information, crucial for effective decision-making and rapid response.”

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BRINC is an American developer of technology in the service of public safety. The company builds a connected ecosystem of tools designed to save lives. BRINC manufactures its products in the US, has co-located R&D and production, and is vertically integrated, controlling the entirety of its supply chain. Over 500 public safety agencies and 10%+ of the SWAT teams in the US use its products to de-escalate dangerous situations and safeguard human life. The company is backed by top investors, including Sam Altman, Index Ventures, Dylan Field, Elad Gil, Patrick Shanahan, Julius Genachowski, Shyam Sankar, Alexandr Wang, Bradley Tusk and Jeff Weiner.

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HigherGround develops solution-based software and reliable applications for mission-critical communications. Our Live911 software is the only patented technology that securely livestreams 911 calls to patrol officers, real-time crime centers, drone as first responder programs, and fire departments. Learn how to reduce response times and improve situational awareness at