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Understanding the new violent extremist (white paper)

How open-source intelligence can uncover patterns and behaviors and gain insights that help protect communities

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Violent extremism is on the rise. Download this white paper to learn how extremists are radicalized and how law enforcement can use AI-enabled risk analytics to identify and stop them.


An increase in mass shooting incidents incited by radical and extremist ideologies online has demonstrated the evolving and growing risk of domestic terrorism. In the half-century between 1950 – 2000, there were 85 mass casualty events with 526 total casualties. In the two decades since, there have been approximately 190 mass casualty events with 1,182 total deaths.

When looking at the pattern of change between the late 20th and early 21st century, the main actor is undoubtedly the internet and its ability to influence at scale while also nurturing increasingly-niche groups of disaffected communities.

The internet offers an unparalleled and previously unavailable level of access and networking for violent extremists. Understanding how the “new violent extremist” is radicalized and encourages others in online platforms across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web is essential for law enforcement. Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) widens the investigative lens into the patterns and behaviors of violent extremists and holds key insights into details before, during, and after mass casualty incidents.

In this white paper, experienced tradecraft professionals from Fivecast, a global leader in open-source intelligence, explore the evolution of domestic terrorism, the radicalization of lone wolf attackers and the insights uncoverable with AI-enabled risk analytics that can help protect communities.

Download the whitepaper from Fivecast to see our findings on the new violent extremist.