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Utility, Inc. drives law enforcement innovation with POLARIS advancements

New technology delivers law enforcement-informed innovations for Digital Evidence Management needs

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ATLANTA — Utility, Inc., a leader in technology solutions for frontline professions, continues to bring advancement in Digital Evidence Management (DEMs) technology with POLARIS by Utility, developed with law enforcement to address their evolving needs, including enhanced security, efficiency and integration capabilities.

Data remains one of the most vital tools for law enforcement. When considering advancements in DEMs, the Utility team continues to enhance solutions by listening closely to clients, who emphasize the need for secure data handling, transparency and the ability to receive data from an ever-expanding array of sources.

“All of our work is guided by our vision: to help our clients save the day, every day. Client input is crucial to achieving this vision, and all POLARIS enhancements directly reflects their feedback and ideas, resulting in the most robust and effective platform available to law enforcement,” said Simon Araya, Utility’s Chief Technology Officer. “Through ongoing, two-way dialogue with clients, we are able to ensure that each technology update is not only practical but also impactful.”

Key features of POLARIS 7.1:

  • Secure Chain of Custody: Already leading in ensuring secure chain of custody, POLARIS focuses on robustly addressing this critical feature with customizable roles and privileges-based system. This includes security-driven multi-factor authentication, preventing password reuse and locking accounts after a specified number of failed login attempts.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Investigators, detectives and evidence technicians shared the need for optimized access to case evidence, and Utility listened. The latest release of POLARIS optimizes case management, providing users with streamlined access to case evidence and a full view of case files. These improvements save time and significantly enhance productivity, allowing law enforcement personnel to focus more on their core duties.
  • Streamlined Digital Evidence Redaction: Users can further maximize efficiency and consistency with time-saving features for editing digital evidence, including export templates for standardized redaction settings and customizable templates.
  • Data Agnostic: Recognizing the diverse technology landscape within law enforcement agencies, POLARIS offers a source-agnostic way to approach digital evidence. Third-party evidence can be ingested, stored and redacted within the solution.
  • Expanded Audio and Video Functionality: The latest POLARIS iteration includes enhanced transcription and analysis capabilities for audio and video files, with multi-speaker identification, support for multiple languages and search/edit function for precise navigation and transcription editing.

“Polaris has truly revolutionized our approach to digital evidence management,” said Lieutenant James Coonce of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, “Its robust functionality has made it indispensable across nearly every bureau and division within our agency. The system’s versatility, customization options and extensive features—ranging from live streaming and mapping to transcribing and viewing different media case files—are nothing short of remarkable”

This update expands upon Utility’s universe of products and operating systems, which supports more than 72,300 users with an intuitive platform for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. EOS by Utility™, the company’s body camera, and the ROCKET by Utility™ in-car video system incorporate real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality and real-time GPS positioning to create the best situational awareness possible for officers during critical times. Additionally, the recently introduced STRAX with Utility grants law enforcement access to real-time intelligence and seamless integration of diverse data sources, enhancing situational awareness and streamlining evidence management through advanced technology.

About Utility

Utility, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and situational awareness for frontline professionals. Our flagship products include the EOS by Utility body cameras, the ROCKET by Utility in-car video system, the POLARIS Digital Evidence Management platform, and PULSAR by Utility ALPR system. These solutions are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of law enforcement, first responders, and public safety agencies.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer collaboration, Utility continually advances its technologies to ensure our clients can effectively capture, manage, and utilize critical data. Our products, recognized for their reliability, ease of use, and integration capabilities, support over 72,300 users across various sectors. Furthermore, our STRAX with Utility solution, replacing the previous TITAN platform, provides advanced real-time crime center analysis and integrated intelligence capabilities.

Utility, Inc. is part of the Global Sum Ventures (GSV) portfolio, solidifying our commitment to driving innovation in public safety technology. Headquartered in Decatur, GA, Utility is dedicated to advancing technology for public safety professionals. Discover more about our groundbreaking solutions at