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Flock Safety and Prepared launch FlockOS 911 to enhance emergency response

The groundbreaking emergency response platform is already helping law enforcement connect the dots between 911 callers, ECCs, and patrol officers

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ATLANTA — Flock Safety, the all-in-one technology solution that keeps communities safe, has partnered with Prepared to deliver a comprehensive emergency response platform that delivers improved outcomes during emergencies for law enforcement officers, victims, and bystanders.

In emergencies, every second can mean the difference between life and death. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as many as 10,000 lives could be saved annually with just a one-minute reduction in 911 response times.

FlockOS 911, developed in partnership with Prepared, gives Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) and officers enhanced information, sourced directly from the scene, enabling better decision-making accuracy during high-stakes events. The software enables patrol officers to listen to live 911 calls as they proceed to a scene, providing vital insights into the situation ahead. Location-based call filtering ensures that officers only receive information relevant to their patrol area, reducing unnecessary noise and enhancing focus on pertinent incidents.

“FlockOS 911 is our solution to the gaps in the 911 call response chain, eliminating the minutes that currently delay our first responders and removing any ambiguity around the emergency,” said Garrett Langley, CEO and Founder of Flock Safety. “Now, when a call comes in, officers can hear the tone of the caller’s voice, background noises, and other nuances that get lost in translation. They have a clear picture of the scene and can respond accordingly to save lives and kickstart the investigation.”

By bridging the information gap between 911 callers, dispatchers, and sworn officers, FlockOS® 911 ensures every moment is optimized, every officer is well-informed, and communities benefit from a superior, agile public safety system.

“The integration of Prepared’s real-time 911 data into the Flock OS platform ensures that officers in thousands of cities around the United States can achieve a new level of situational awareness during every emergency,” says Prepared CEO Michael Chime. “By ensuring that critical 911 caller information like call audio and livestream video are seamlessly incorporated into the emergency response process, FlockOS 911 drives lifesaving outcomes for communities and officers.”

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