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Taking aim: 5 reasons the MRO reflex sight is great for cops

Trijicon, known for their high-end scopes, takes a shot at a more affordable price

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By Police1 BrandFocus Staff

Officers face dangerous situations on a regular basis. They need tools designed to help them win when faced with that danger.

The MRO mounted on a rifle.
The MRO mounted on a rifle. (Image courtesy of Trijicon)

Unquestionably, gun sights fall in the category of ‘critical tools’. But finding an affordable, effective sight can be difficult. There are great high-end products out there, but often at a price point that’s prohibitive to the average law enforcement officer.

One option that bucks the trend is the MRO from Trijicon, a small, lightweight reflex sight designed to provide the tactical advantage of a wider field of view. Engineered to meet the needs of law enforcement officers, the sight can be used with both eyes open, helping officers maintain tactical awareness.

Here are some of the key features that may the MRO a great option for officers everywhere.

1. No ‘tube effect’

The first thing users will notice about the design of the MRO is that it prevents the so-called ‘tube effect’. This helps prevent the limiting of your vision when you’re looking through the scope. With an objective (outer) lens that’s much bigger than the ocular (inner) lens, the marksman can take aim without sacrificing a significant portion of his field of vision.

Field of view is crucial for maintaining situational awareness. But the wider field of view also allows the marksman to “find the dot” more quickly and—perhaps more importantly—from unorthodox positions, such as while prone and situated under a car, which can provide a decisive tactical advantage. When you’re essentially expanding the options you have for positioning your shooter, you’re expanding on your ability to quickly and decisively control a situation.

2. High quality construction from top to bottom

Each piece of the MRO was designed for quality and durability. The ruggedized reflex scope is made to stand up to the rough treatment that cops give all their equipment. The MRO is constructed of the same aircraft-grade aluminum as Trijicon’s flagship Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG), and the same material used to construct the AR-15. The fully-sealed construction of the scope will protect against even the worst elements.

The high-quality glass is coated multiple times to provide superior protection against blurring or distortion, and offers a level of clarity similar to what you’d see with your naked eye. The view from the scope is parallax-free. The MRO is dry-nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging of the lens and is waterproof up to 100 feet. Plus, the battery that powers the scope has a five-year lifespan.

3. Designed to win

The MRO is designed to be mounted in a way that allows for iron sights to co-witness, satisfying the requirement set by many departments that officers be able to deploy iron sights if the mounted sight fails. The MRO also offers a brightness control for better vision in a variety of lighting conditions as well as night vision.

4. Ease of use

The MRO features a number of design enhancements that improve operation in the field. The easy-to-use adjustors, which provide positive click reticle movement at ½ MOA increments, are designed to be adjusted without any special tools. In addition, the adjustable brightness settings are controlled by a dial on the top of the scope, allowing it to be used by left- and right- handed operators. The adjusters are recessed, keeping them safe from being nudged and accidently recalibrating the scope. They’re also user friendly, requiring no special tools to adjust.

5. A history of high precision optics

For years, Trijicon has been producing top-shelf rifle optics. The MRO represents a rifle sight that meets and exceeds the needs of law enforcement officers. It can help officers maintain tactical awareness while at the same time helping them ‘find the dot’ more quickly. It has the durability and ease of use that cops look for, all in an affordable package. 

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