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Refurbished vehicles are one third the price of new equipped vehicles, and the enhancements and refurbishing may be classed as maintenance, making them tax deductible

ANAHEIM, Calif. - We save departments millions! Wild Rose currently has multiple open contracts with departments large and small. an example would be a department with a fleet of 200 Crown Victorias refurbished by wild rose would save 8.5 million dollars rather than purchasing new uni-body vehicles.

Our refurbished vehicles come with Ford remanufactured engines and transmissions which have a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty in any Ford dealership in the country, perfect for law enforcement (i.e. 80,000 miles per year gives you 240,000 miles under full warranty).

In some cases, departments have done a trial with the new uni body vehicles after the discontinuation of the CVPI and have increased their fleet budget by 400%. Maintenance cost alone for the new vehicles start upwards from 50 cents per mile and only 18 cents per mile with a crown Victoria.

Within the first year new uni body vehicles are experiencing major mechanical issues and are needing large budget eating repairs such as engine and transmission replacements. Minor fender benders in new vehicles are turning into write-offs. In a full box chassis frame with the crown Victoria minor fender benders are just an inexpensive trip to the body shop.

Cryogenic rotors and pads, a rear high performance sway bar, upper and lower rear track bars, and polypropylene upgraded bushings make these vehicles better than new. The enhanced handling makes for considerably shorter stopping distances eliminates the fishtailing in these Crown Victorias.

We offer different packages to help with every departments budget. Our Full Refurbishing program replaces all upgradable components. The Lite Refurbishing Program replaces only what is needed. Our Part or Custom Refurbishing Programs are for very low budget agencies that need certain components refurbished such as engine work, transmission replacements, or drive train enhancements. Wild Rose can even turn back the clock on departments that have made the mistake of getting rid of their Crown Victoria fleet by providing a core vehicle. Our rust free California core vehicles are in excellent condition.

About WildRose 911 aka Wild Rose Motors is the only dealership specializing in selling and refurbishing used Police Vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor, Ford Explorer Interceptor, Chevy Impala SS, and Chevy Caprice.

Our commitment to quality, reliability and service to the customer has resulted in Wild Rose Motors Ltd’s excellent reputation within the industry.