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Officer-Involved Shootings

The Officer-Involved Shootings topic page provides news about cops in deadly confrontations, as well as tactical tips and columnists’ perspective on how to handle such situations.

Imagine how policing could improve if instead of just investigating incidents to find blame, we also investigated incidents to learn how to avoid them happening in the first place
A compelling look into the stark realities faced by rural police officers through a rigorous five-year data collection effort
Officers and their families need training and education before the bullets are flying
When officers responded to the deadly mass shooting in Lewiston, they didn’t hesitate to run inside, “putting their own personal safety in jeopardy,” documents reveal
Upon arrival, Hillsborough County deputies encountered the 19-year-old suspect and his mother outside of their home; the suspect then killed his mother and fired at deputies
The suspect, a former Yakima police officer and SRO, was wanted in the killing of two women and the kidnapping of his 1-year-old son
While Madison County deputies were serving a warrant, the suspect “refused to exit the vehicle, drew a handgun from his pocket and raised that handgun toward deputies”
One officer was saved by his bullet-resistant vest when he was struck by gunfire in the chest area during the incident
Ogle County Sheriff’s Office deputies were responding to a report of a person threatening to kill themselves and others when they were immediately fired upon
The suspect was concerned with the safety of his cat, which he held onto while swinging the knife; when an officer fired a shot, he surrendered without further resistance
“We’re extremely disappointed that after almost five years, these officers are finding themselves indicted for something they had seconds to decide...” the South Florida PBA stated
One deputy was protected by a bullet-resistant vest, while the other was wounded in the abdomen; both are expected to fully recover
Austin SWAT officers surrounded the convenience store where the suspect was barricaded; an officer shot the man, fearing for the safety of a store manager trapped inside
The suspect, who ignored officers’ commands to drop the weapon, continued to retreat into his residence while firing multiple shots at officers
When Albuquerque Police Department officers tried to bring a robbery suspect into custody, he grabbed an officer’s rifle, released the safety and fired shots to the ground
The suspect, who was walking down a street while carrying the bow, was not injured by the gunshot and was taken into custody
The suspect had initially fled in a vehicle after shooting the victim, but returned to the scene with a handgun modified to fire automatically
The evidence would make it impossible for prosecutors to prove that Trooper Ryan Londregan’s actions were an illegal use of force, the county attorney’s office stated
Body camera footage shows the suspect suddenly exiting a vehicle with a knife raised and advancing toward a Ceres PD officer before the shooting occurred
Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden said former deputy Eddie Duran’s life was not in danger at any point during the interaction and that he should not have fired his weapon
Former Newark officer Jovanny Crespo was sentenced to 20 years for aggravated manslaughter and seven years for aggravated assault after shooting into a fleeing vehicle
One suspect opened fire at the Thornton Police Department officers during the initial stop, leading to a pursuit and PIT maneuver before both suspects were shot
Video shows an EMS crew trying to coax the man into getting medical treatment before he started acting erratically, eventually emerging from a bedroom with a gun
Pasadena Police Department officers shot the man, who had previously fled a traffic stop, after he reached for a gun during a struggle with K-9 who latched on to him
In the first incident, a man threatened a woman before kidnapping her child; the next day, another suspect held a man at knifepoint when he was confronted by officers
The officer who was shot at by the suspect pursued him for several minutes despite being wounded by broken glass; the suspect was later found and arrested
Reno Police Department Officer Richard Jager was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the 2020 officer-involved shooting
After being brought down by gunfire a second time by Louisville Metro Police Department officers, the man pointed the knife, keeping officers back from rendering aid
A Clark County deputy mistakenly shot and killed off-duty Officer Donald Sahota, who was trying to detain a robbery suspect who showed up at his home and stabbed him