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Brett Hershberger

Brett Hershberger spent 27 years in law enforcement, retiring from the Clovis (California) Police Department in September 2022. He served as a lieutenant for the last 7 years and was in charge of his department’s Lexipol policy subscription for 10 years. Hershberger’s other duties included traffic unit lieutenant, SWAT commander, EOD commander, CNT commander, use of force review, jail (temporary holding facility) lieutenant, mutual aid, workers compensation and internal affairs. He currently serves as a Professional Services Specialist for Lexipol. He also taught professionalism, leadership, and ethics at the Tulare-Kings Police Academy in Hanford, California. Hershberger is an avid outdoorsman, and recently moved to Salmon, Idaho.

The goal should be to end every traffic stop with the offending driver leaving the scene with a new perspective that makes them safer drivers