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On-demand webinar: Future-proofing your police department: Navigating the technological tsunami

How to build a culture of innovation, ensure ethical use of technology, and invest in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future

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In the next decade, the wave of technological advancements will transform the landscape of law enforcement, presenting both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This webinar is designed to prepare police departments to not only survive but thrive in this rapidly evolving environment. Join us for an insightful session that will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to future-proof your department against the technological tsunami ahead.

We explore key areas of technological evolution, including artificial intelligence, biometrics, digital forensics and the Internet of Things (IoT), and their implications for policing. Our expert panel will discuss how to harness these technologies to enhance operational efficiency, improve crime prevention and detection, and foster community trust and engagement.

View this webinar to become informed about:

  • Adapting to AI and machine learning: Understand how AI can transform data analysis, predictive policing and even decision-making processes within law enforcement.
  • The digital evidence explosion: Learn how to manage and leverage the increasing volume of digital evidence from smartphones, IoT devices, and cloud sources.
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy: Equip your department with strategies to protect sensitive information in an era of cyber vulnerabilities.
  • Community engagement in the digital age: Discover how technology can bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

This webinar not only guides you through technological advancements but also provides practical advice on building a culture of innovation, ensuring ethical use of technology, and investing in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future.

Prepare your police department to lead the way in the next era of law enforcement by embracing technology, enhancing capabilities, and strengthening community relations. Join us to chart the path forward and ensure your department is ready for the decade ahead.


“Panelists were outstanding!”

“I loved the interaction and the cumulative knowledge of all the speakers.”

“I enjoyed the information and ideas I can use for future implementation and training for any AI or technology added to our department.”

“Diverse panel group with great insight into current and future trends.”


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L - R: Jim Bueermann, Philip Lukens, Susan Manheimer, Jonathan Parham, Christian Quinn


Chief Jim Bueermann (ret.) has been involved in various aspects of policing since 1978. He retired from the Redlands (California) Police Department after 33 yrs of service, the last 13 of those as Chief of Police and Director of Housing, Recreation and Senior Services. In 2012, he was appointed president of the National Police Foundation (now the National Policing Institute). He retired at the end of 2018 and began consulting for a variety of governmental, community and private organizations. In early 2019 he founded the Future Policing Institute as a way of helping prepare policing for an increasingly uncertain future - but also one in which policing is effective, empathetic and just.


Philip Lukens served as the Chief of Police in Alliance, Nebraska from December 2020 until his resignation in September 2023. He began his law enforcement career in Colorado in 1995. He is known for his innovative approach to policing. As a leading expert in AI, he has been instrumental in pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in tandem with community policing, significantly enhancing police operations and optimizing patrol methods.

Chief Susan Manheimer retired after a distinguished, 39-year career serving in leadership positions for four diverse police agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. A sought-after consultant, trainer, and speaker on police procedures, policies, practices, and strategies; Manheimer has deep experience in forging partnerships to reduce crime and enhance outcomes. She is an innovative and progressive law enforcement leader who embraces emerging and engaging criminal justice strategies involving social and procedural justice through community engagement.

Jonathan Parham is the City Manager for the City of Rahway, New Jersey. He previously served as the Police Chief (retired) of the Linden Police Department, in Linden, New Jersey, where he was known for his strategic leadership and operational efficiency.His expertise in training coordination and professional standards has been a cornerstone of his career. A notable aspect of Jonathan’s career is his work with ATLAS Performance Management. As the founder, he focuses on leveraging technology to enhance law enforcement practices by using body worn cameras to enhance police performance.

Christian Quinn began his policing career in 1993 with a mid-size agency in New England. He joined the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department in 1997. There he gained progressive experience and responsibility, serving in numerous leadership roles focused on technology, operations, investigations, training and administrative management. Christian retired as a Major in 2021 after 24 years of service with FCPD. Christian currently serves as the Managing Principal of Fulcrum Innovation LLC, a consulting practice focused on the intersection of public sector technology and associated policy and business issues.