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A parolee asked the trial court to suppress the evidence, arguing the search of his phone and house violated his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights
Based on the “totality of the circumstances,” the officer had reasonable suspicion to extend the traffic stop in a drug courier case
Identifying uninsured vehicles without direct interaction can eliminate negative associations with law enforcement
DoorDash said it has created a dedicated point of contact for the Boston PD to make it easier to process requests for drivers’ records
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Exploring the future of traffic safety with John Leibovitz of Passage Safety
Finding a happy medium isn’t going to be easy
A Fullerton Police Department officer was outside his cruiser investigating a fatal crash when a Tesla slammed into his patrol vehicle, narrowly missing the officer
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“Teenage drivers need more than just textbook knowledge; they need interactive and innovative education that explains and engages.”
When you absolutely need to write something down make sure you have a weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebook
The traffic agent, who was sitting in a marked NYPD cruiser, suffered minor injuries from the caught-on-camera incident
Scheffler had been charged with a felony for assaulting a police officer with his vehicle, along with three misdemeanors
Ahead of the holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies have shared plans to keep community members in their jurisdictions safe
"[The fleeing driver] is the culprit...Make no mistake about it. It’s not the police’s fault that this individual is dead,” local NAACP President Derrick Foward said
The suspect’s social media page contains multiple videos showing him taunting officers by performing doughnuts around cruisers and running red lights on crowded streets
The Arkansas Department of Transportation partnered with JENOPTIK Smart Mobility Solutions, LLC to extend the DOT’s work zone safety initiative by deploying Jenoptik’s mobile speed enforcement system in construction zones to further increase safety for drivers and workers
Police officers should absolutely wear sunglasses, here’s why
The suspect was arrested on arson charges after an investigation uncovered that he had been researching the trooper’s personal information online after being pulled over
Scottie Sheffler was arrested on charges including assault after allegedly driving into a median to get around a crash scene, ignoring a cop and dragging him several feet
Police will be able to ticket a driver who is handling their phone for almost any reason; drivers can still use their phone to make calls if they are using it hands-free
Mobile ALPR technology offers an array of benefits beyond traffic stops
CHP officers have been in Bakersfield for six weeks, focusing on reducing car theft, tamping down retail crime and bolstering traffic enforcement
“We all have bad days and stress, and it was wrong for me to take it out on an officer who was simply doing his job,” Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Dooley said
When Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley resisted commands during a traffic stop, the responding officer demonstrated essential tactics for upholding professionalism
The CHP posted a photo of a dummy buckled into the passenger seat, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and sunglasses
Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley can be heard telling the officer he was being an “a–hole” after he asked why she was being hostile
Video released by state police shows the trooper was walking between his cruiser and the metal beam guardrail as a driver approached from the center lane and lost control of his vehicle
Deputy John Coddou, 50, was a 20-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and “a public servant through and through”