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Police officers should absolutely wear sunglasses, here’s why
Mobile ALPR technology offers an array of benefits beyond traffic stops
When Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley resisted commands during a traffic stop, the responding officer demonstrated essential tactics for upholding professionalism
The Arkansas Department of Transportation partnered with JENOPTIK Smart Mobility Solutions, LLC to extend the DOT’s work zone safety initiative by deploying Jenoptik’s mobile speed enforcement system in construction zones to further increase safety for drivers and workers
The suspect was arrested on arson charges after an investigation uncovered that he had been researching the trooper’s personal information online after being pulled over
Scottie Sheffler was arrested on charges including assault after allegedly driving into a median to get around a crash scene, ignoring a cop and dragging him several feet
Police will be able to ticket a driver who is handling their phone for almost any reason; drivers can still use their phone to make calls if they are using it hands-free
CHP officers have been in Bakersfield for six weeks, focusing on reducing car theft, tamping down retail crime and bolstering traffic enforcement
“We all have bad days and stress, and it was wrong for me to take it out on an officer who was simply doing his job,” Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Dooley said
The CHP posted a photo of a dummy buckled into the passenger seat, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and sunglasses
Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley can be heard telling the officer he was being an “a–hole” after he asked why she was being hostile
Video released by state police shows the trooper was walking between his cruiser and the metal beam guardrail as a driver approached from the center lane and lost control of his vehicle
Deputy John Coddou, 50, was a 20-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and “a public servant through and through”
The traffic investigators will not be able to cite or arrest drivers; they will conduct traffic investigations, write reports and assist drivers with road issues
Each stop brings inherent risks and practicing and mentally rehearsing strategies to enhance safety is one of an officer’s most essential responsibilities
New reforms include developing a policy to limit “pretextual stops” and revising training for investigatory stops
“I look forward to working with Minnesota State Patrol staff and allied agencies who work so hard to keep residents safe on Minnesota roadways,” Interim Col. Christina Bogojevic said
The pilot program would allow access to a caller’s phone camera so troopers can view the scene live, as well as capture photos and videos for evidence collection
Michigan State Police helicopter video shows the suspect doing wheelies and doughnuts around Dearborn PD cruisers before leading multiple departments on a pursuit
The woman fired a gun into two cars while driving, grazing one driver’s arm and striking another in the neck; she is being charged with attempted murder
Deputies with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office will also be using their Air One helicopter and patrolling the county waterways by boat to help handle expected traffic problems from eclipse watchers
Many law enforcement agencies in states that are in the path of totality are prepping for the influx of visitors to their jurisdictions
Prince George’s County, the second largest county in Maryland, is receiving 66 speed enforcement systems from JENOPTIK Smart Mobility Solutions, LLC. Each system consists of a mobile trailer with solar panels and lithium batteries making them completely self-sufficient
The officer was positioned at the end of a freeway on-ramp as a suspect vehicle and several cruisers approached at high speed; the suspect swerved onto the freeway before reaching the end of the ramp and a cruiser hit the officer
The boy had stopped the car “oddly” in the middle of an intersection when an officer ordered him to move; he sped off, leading the officer on a short pursuit into a parking lot
The biker’s social media account also included multiple other videos of illegal activities, which are now considered evidence
The annual St. Paddy’s sting is among the creative measures police resort to in the ever-evolving cat-and-mouse game to reel in wrongdoers
Mich State Police officials cited updated technology that will allow officers to make an arrest without pursuing the suspect as a reason for the change
The driver climbed out of the car and swam farther offshore before being pulled from the water by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office boat crew; two dogs were rescued from the back seat