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Dale Stockton

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Dale Stockton is a 32-year-veteran of law enforcement, having worked in all areas of police operations and investigations and retiring as a police captain from Carlsbad, California. He is a graduate of the 201st FBI National Academy and holds a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of California, Irvine. He has served as a Commissioner for California POST, the agency responsible for all California policing standards and training. Dale is the former editor-in-chief of Law Officer Magazine and is the founder of Below 100.

Here’s a partial listing of what you can do today using a combination of smartphone functions, specific applications, internet access and supporting peripherals
With proper planning, a smartphone deployment can dramatically increase departmental effectiveness while improving situational awareness
When equipped with cellular broadband, a smartwatch can serve as a standalone communications device
Smartphones and dedicated police applications are improving all aspects of field operations
A recent DOJ-commissioned report provides guidance for police investigators and crime analysts
Advances in technology are enabling law enforcement to get real-time data that provide complete situational awareness for both patrol officers on scene and the command center
If your police department is not sharing information with neighboring agencies, you are not serving your community or your officers
Facing off with a criminal while off duty seldom goes as planned and can be deadly
2016 in Review
Although 2016 line of duty deaths related to gunfire are up more than 70 percent, it’s important to provide some context
You will need to do your due diligence before finalizing your policy