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Streamlined reporting means officers can produce more accurate narratives in less time
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“These license plate readers are...high resolution, capable of taking a digital allow [LE] to ensure the right plate is on the right car,” said Rick Cotton, Port Authority director
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office unit will focus on obtaining advanced training and tools to assist in investigations of cyber harassment, identity theft and other cybercrimes
Unlocking the future of law enforcement software and hardware
“We can’t hold on to these jobs forever,” Chief Eddie Garcia said. “I love what I do. It’s incredibly difficult. It is a grind, a 24/7 grind, but you only do that because you really want to”
New feature streamlines license plate verification process for parking operators and law enforcement professionals
“The DS-GTC-1400 docking stations are designed to maximize the functionality and durability of the Getac S510, ensuring our customers experience unparalleled performance and safety in their demanding work environments,” said Brett Young, Director of Sales at Havis
Understanding how these technologies store and manage data is essential for accurately extracting and attributing information during forensic examinations
Learn how 3D technology is emerging as a critical tool for law enforcement
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The BLUETTI portable power station quickly, and quietly, charges radios, smartphones and other devices when other power sources are not available
Company unveils solution to simplify complex investigative challenges
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Dive into a dynamic conversation on the potential and pitfalls of AI in law enforcement, exploring real-world applications, ethical dilemmas and the future of smart policing technologies
“This really is the future of law enforcement at some point, whether we like it or not,” said Sgt. Jeremiah Gates, who leads the drone unit at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office
DFR provides considerable promise for increased safety, reduced response times and improved de-escalation capabilities for public safety agencies
An exercise involving the Atlantic City FD and PD, U.S. Coast Guard and the N.J. State Police Marine Services Bureau demonstrates how drones can enhance public safety
Advanced body-worn camera technology plays a crucial role in enhancing officer safety and strengthening the bond between the police and the community
The BRINC Responder drone and Responder Station provide an end-to-end solution for public safety agencies looking to start or scale Drone as First Responder programs
As AI technology evolves, law enforcement faces new challenges in distinguishing real from AI-generated content; this complexity is reshaping investigative methods and legal frameworks
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