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Mayor Matt Mahan said that the Flock Safety cameras helped the city arrest around 200 suspects and recover $2 million worth of stolen vehicles last year
The plethora of digital evidence available to law enforcement is bringing actionable insights to investigations and strengthening cases for prosecution, but it must be managed with care
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“Harnessing the power of AI will prove to be one of the most impactful technological advancements of our time to help scale police work,” said Axon founder Rick Smith
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Agencies often complement footage with detailed briefings and written reports to provide comprehensive context
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The rise of consumer DNA testing and open genetic databases made forensic genetic genealogy a valuable tool for law enforcement investigations
The pilot program would allow access to a caller’s phone camera so troopers can view the scene live, as well as capture photos and videos for evidence collection
In an ideal future, every officer would be equipped with the tools to not just enforce the law but also protect life in its most vulnerable moments
How AI and civilian analysts can help law enforcement deal with staffing issues