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Sergeant Jamie Borden

Sergeant Jamie Borden (ret.) founded Critical Incident Review (CIR) in February 2020 when he began instructing the Enhanced Force Investigations & Cognitive Interview Course. Jamie determined there to be a missing link to the effective investigation and reporting aspect of complex force scenarios. The missing link is the application of the science relevant to three major categories: 1) human factors, 2) forensic video evidence review and analysis and 3) effective interviewing and reporting based on an understanding of global investigative processes.

He has lectured as a senior and lead instructor with Force Science (FS), as well as a top-tier force analyst recognized nationally. He was the first nationally certified advanced specialist regarding the analysis of human factors related to officer-involved critical incidents. Jamie taught and lectured for FS for over eight years.

Prior to retiring from a large department in Nevada, he created the Use-of-Force Training and Analysis Unit for his agency from 2012-2018. Since 2012, he has been conducting training and lecturing in the area of police performance and conducting force reviews and analyses. He has reviewed, analyzed and investigated hundreds of cases for his own department and on a national level as a court-certified expert in the field. His field of expertise is in police performance factors (human factors related to law enforcement), use-of-force decision-making, forensic video review and examination and police policy and practice.

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