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Video Recording and Analysis

How law enforcement can use AI to manage the surge in multimedia evidence, gain actionable insights and speed investigations
Ambush attacks on police officers do not discriminate in gender, assignment or age, and they affect all category of assignment
This powerful platform delivers resilient streaming – and can be up and running quickly and easily
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Truleo automatically detects critical events such as uses of force, stops, searches and de-escalation attempts, in addition to screening for both professional and unprofessional officer language
Charlotte officers responded to a call for service after the PD’s real-time crime center video showed a man with a gun at the scene of a suspected drug sale
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The man raised the knife and ran at officers who were providing medical care to a victim of an unrelated incident
Florida Highway Patrol and Miami-Dade Police Department officers had to jump into the lake to rescue and arrest the woman after she refused to be lifted up by a rope
A recent event where officers confronted a suicidal man armed with a sword provides a stark reminder of the dangers and complexities in law enforcement
The Bridgeport Police officer who arrived on the scene stepped out of his cruiser to find the man running full speed with knives raised moments later
After twice firing shots that did not injure the woman, an officer determined that she did not have a weapon and used a TASER to incapacitate her before taking her into custody
“I take my hat off to the Police Department, how they handled an unruly group of people,” Mayor Eric Adams stated
Yuma Police Department officers spoke with the man for several minutes and deployed a TASER twice before the shooting occurred
“Any time you take your kids to a crowded location, [take] a photo of them in their current outfits so if...your child is lost they can be located,” the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said
“There was an oncoming train rapidly approaching the station,” the NYPD tweeted. “Officers sprang into action and without hesitation pulled him off the tracks”
“This is an example of how quickly situations can escalate and become dangerous for our officers,” the Dayton Police Department stated
Video shows Sarasota PD Officer Michael Skinner using his boat to push the runaway boat into a sea wall before climbing in, cutting the engine and rendering aid to the man
“[The program] launches more efficient investigations, builds stronger cases and leads to more effective prosecutions,” NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban said
“Officer Jacob Derbin is a hero. He did everything right,” Euclid Police Department Chief Scott Meyer said
One suspect was detained immediately, while the other fled from officers before being found and arrested in a parking lot
The Raleigh Police Department currently employs analysts to monitor footage manually; it aims to select a public safety intelligent management system in the next 6 months
The Key West Police Department stated that the suspect drove to the college “with the specific intent of killing two individuals”
Video shows Henderson SWAT officers returning fire; the suspect was found deceased in the barricaded home two days after police initially attempted to arrest him
The man threatened and cursed at Redding Police Department officers before throwing a rock at them, fleeing and confronting another officer with a knife
One Columbus Police Department officer was shot, prompting other officers to return fire
The suspects continued to flee after the car was struck by Columbus Police cruisers multiple times
Moses Lake PD officers attempted to persuade the man that they were not there to hurt him before he emerged from a motel room and fired multiple shots
The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office helicopter reached the boat in a matter of minutes, as it was nearby following a water rescue demonstration