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Lon Bartel

Lon Bartel is a use-of-force expert for VirTra, Inc., and works closely with law enforcement agencies on use-of-force scenario training. He is a retired peace officer and has been a certified law enforcement trainer for over 17 years. AZPOST recognizes him as an expert in the areas of defensive tactics and firearms. He served as his Department’s Rangemaster from 2005-2017. Lon co-founded the Arizona Tactical Officers Association and served as secretary for five years. As a SWAT member, he was a senior operator and was instrumental in creating the explosive breaching program for his department in 2008 where he served as the lead tactical breacher. Lon was also an adjunct instructor for the largest manufacturer of force on force technology and training munitions for six years. This experience has allowed him to witness thousands of simulated forces on force incidents, providing invaluable insight into human performance under stress.

Lon has used his expertise to serve on numerous review boards, which include reviewing and evaluating 300+ actual police cases involving the use of force and deadly force. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science (Magna Cum Laude) from Arizona State University. Most recently, Lon has been certified by the Force Science Institute (FSI) as a certified Use of Force analyst and is a certified Advanced Specialist with FSI as well.

This approach enhances cognitive and decision-making capabilities, preparing officers for the full spectrum of challenges they will face in their duties
Accounting for the critical influence of the spacing effect and interleaving can have positive impacts on training efficacy
The goal of evidence-based training is to research and then implement the best practices to create and sustain a functional officer
Effective education involves pre-tests, post-tests, evaluation rubrics, performance objectives and scripted presentation materials
As use of force simulator tech continues to become further validated with science-based research, there will be even more sophisticated learning opportunities for LE