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FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions offers state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms that were created by Police Officers who saw the need for government agencies to update and facilitate the way they communicate and track pertinent information within their organizations.

FRONTLINE has five distinct platforms that give Police Departments and Dispatch Centers a way to make their job’s a lot easier. We focused on simplifying and customizing each of our products to help our clients, citizens and community organizers stay in tune with each other.

Our goal is to simplify the means of collecting and disseminating information in a secure online environment. Technology is ever changing, and it is hard for individual communities to keep up with the pace. Today, some information is still being collected by paper and pen or at best added into an excel file and stored on someone’s desktop. FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions will change the way data management works within a variety of government agencies.

The five platforms include our Tool-Kit to manage things such as vacation watches, track at risk residents, track criminal trespass orders, directed patrols and 8 other modules. We have Training software to track mandates, certificates, send out training notices and multiple reports to give you training hours in seconds. Quality Assurance software for Dispatch centers and Body Worn Camera audit software with a RMS system to track early warning alerts and reports and lastly out Professional Standards software to track compliments, complaints, internal affairs investigations, and awards.

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