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Gene Reid, Ph.D.

Gene Reid is a police sergeant for the New Castle County (Del.) Police Department. Gene is currently assigned to the Professional Standards Unit and is highly active with the department’s officer wellness initiatives. Before being promoted, Gene was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit for over six years.

Gene holds a Ph.D. in criminal justice, with a specific focus on stress management and resilience. Gene also has an MS in education and a BS in public safety administration. Gene is an avid fitness enthusiast who trains Jiu-Jitsu and has completed numerous triathlons, including Ironman Maryland.

He is the founder of Reid Training Solutions and recently published “Police Leadership Redefined - The EQ Advantage: Transforming Law Enforcement with Emotional Intelligence.”

Explore strategies to address small issues within police teams before they escalate, promoting a culture of accountability and efficiency
Acknowledging one’s limitations is not a sign of weakness but a stepping stone to becoming an effective leader
Gain insights into how recognizing and managing your emotions can lead to more effective decision-making and crisis management
This scenario-based review demonstrates the importance of EQ to succeeding as a leader in today’s challenging law enforcement environment
This philosophy can enhance morale, motivation and performance while fostering trust and cooperation
By investing in the health of their officers, the New Castle County PD gains a more resilient and effective organization capable of serving their community