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How intelligence-led policing is attacking gang crime

In resource-strapped times, intelligence-led policing is a key to identifying and investigating gang activity. Departments must work in partnership to maximize personnel resources, leverage existing gang crime knowledge and expertise, and develop databases that track gang activity, especially as gang members use new technology and social media to help perpetrate their crimes across jurisdictional boundaries. This special coverage series reviews strategies departments can deploy to take a data-driven approach to reducing gang-related crime.

A partnership between an investigator, an analyst and a prosecutor to share data and collaborate on cases is reducing gang crime in Georgia
Known as “cyberbanging,” gangs are recruiting new members, intimidating rivals, promoting criminal activity and advertising their brand online
These centers incorporate all aspects of intelligence-led policing by emphasizing information sharing and collaboration among varying criminal justice stakeholders
The OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model can be a driver to ILP