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Joseph J. Kolb, MA

Joseph J. Kolb, MA, is the executive director for the Southwest Gang Information Center, master instructor for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and instructor in the Criminal Justice program at Western New Mexico University. He is also the mail officer for the Santa Fe (NM) County Adult Detention Facility.

Since 1992, the Long Island Police Appreciation Run has raised funds for law enforcement officers and their families
Gone in 60 seconds is how long it takes for an adept thief to steal a catalytic converter
The agency has discontinued its “Safety and Weather Leave” policy, which would have allowed agents to take paid leave under extenuating circumstances
Known as “cyberbanging,” gangs are recruiting new members, intimidating rivals, promoting criminal activity and advertising their brand online
Technology allows police officers to prioritize hearing protection while enhancing situational awareness
Using a tactical surveillance camera is a smart safety tactic all SWAT teams can deploy in a multitude of scenarios
A mobile command center is one of the most significant equipment purchases a public safety agency can make
Before buying a minimalist or maximalist shoe or boot, review the following factors in order to choose the best fit
Any gang-prevention strategy must address unaccompanied children from Central America who are particularly vulnerable to MS-13 recruitment and victimization
A mobile digital forensics lab allows detectives to gather electronic data from devices at a crime scene without taking them to a lab for testing