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Linda Gilbertson

Grant Application First Aid Kit

Linda Gilbertson is a Grant Professional with more than 15 years of experience writing and managing grants for both non-profit and government agencies. She has 12 years of law enforcement-related experience in grant writing, grant management, crime analysis, and research. She has been responsible for the acquisition of millions of dollars in federal, state and local grants during her career. Linda is also an award-winning journalist and has worked extensively with non-profit organizations in public relations and community education.

As spectrometers are included in FEMA’s Authorized Equipment List, agencies can purchase the devices with grant funding
Funding sources are available to assist local police – an important component of effective cybercrime investigation – in the battle against cybercriminals
For the best chance at this funding, start preparing now by reviewing past successful applications and knowing grant requirements
The very confusing issue of sanctuary cities just got a little more confusing
If you work with other law enforcement or first responder agencies on a regional or even state-wide basis, you are more likely to be considered for the funding
While not much is finalized at this point, many important issues that will impact law enforcement funding need to be looked at
When you are working on a grant application, detailed planning is the key to getting it done well and submitted on time — it’s the same for managing those grants once they’re awarded
Broaden your search with keywords that focus on the problem you want to solve with grant funds, remembering that you can partner with other agencies and non-profits
Being the grants go-to person means you will be responsible for many decisions made — beginning with whether or not to even pursue the opportunity
If you create the budget as you are developing your project, you will save yourself a lot of stress — and work — as the deadline for submission approaches