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Find your perfect family camping tent: Top picks for summer

From size and layout, to material and weather compatibility: discover the ideal tent for your family’s camping trip

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If you plan on taking the family camping this summer, check out the current deals on family camping tents on Amazon.

There’s a lot to consider when buying a tent for a family trip, e.g., size, accessibility, material, frame type and more. The first step is to understand what your family needs, first, in terms of size and second, in terms of priorities.

  • Do you need individual bedrooms and, if so, how many?
  • Do you care more about high ceilings or more ventilation?
  • What kind of weather do you plan to use it in?

The answers to these questions will help guide your purchase.

Family tent options

The most common you’ve probably seen is the dome tent, which basically has two malleable tent poles that run through the middle and provide structure for the tent, while creating its shape. These are easy to set up, come in variable sizes and provide plenty of room, but could be impacted by wind.

Larger-sized dome tents are an option, but you can also look for multi-room tents specifically designed for families. Multi-room tents will offer divided spaces allowing for privacy or storage space. With these tents, you’ll have the same risk of being adversely affected by wind, and tents this size are typically not as easy to assemble and transport, but you can still find some great ones for their price.

Coleman Montana

The Coleman Montana, a dome tent built to hold 6-8 people, weighs about 20 pounds and is currently 44% off on Amazon for $149.99. For that price, you’re getting a ton of value, including angled windows to keep rain out, awnings for increased weather protection, ports for extension cords and hinged doors.

Most reviews report that it’s very easy to assemble and fits two full-queen-sized air mattresses when fully set up. Again, you’re getting a lot for the price.

PORTAL 10-Person Camping Tent with Porch

If that doesn’t sound like enough room for your group, the 10-person camping tent by Portal is another great bang-for-your-buck option. Featuring a covered porch, large space with dividers for two rooms and a mesh ceiling for excellent air ventilation, this tent is currently listed at $259.00 with a $15 off coupon.

The polyester body is designed to prevent water seepage and even with its massive size, is still relatively easy to set up according to reviewers. This is a great option for large families.

If you’re not planning on traveling with the family, smaller, portable tents may be a better fit. A-frame tents are also relatively easy to set up and easy to transport with their lightweight frame.

If easy to transport is your highest priority, you can also check out backpack tents (the name is self-explanatory), car roof-top tents or teepee tents (with a high ceiling but only requiring 1 single rod running through).

If you’re traveling solo, air tents (the frame is made up of inflatable beams) are easier to set up for one person, but are heavier to transport due to needing an air pump.

Discover how a budget-friendly camping getaway can offer quality family time in the great outdoors

XLTTYWL Inflatable Camping Tent

The next item isn’t necessarily for large families as it is designed for four people, but it is another great option with a more homey feeling. The four-season inflatable luxury camping tent is one of a kind in that you need a pump to inflate it, but is otherwise an easy set up that leaves you with high ceilings, overhanging rope for lights, and mesh windows and doors with protection from the elements.

With plenty of space for inflatable mattresses or furniture, it’s easy to create a home like feel with this tent. Currently listed as 37% off for $473.99 on Amazon, take advantage of this deal.

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent

A reliable and spacious tent that can accommodate 4, 6, 8 or 10 people, depending on the size you choose, the Coleman Skydome Camping Tent sets up in just 5 minutes. With extra storage, ventilation and material that is weatherproof and blocks 90% of sunlight, this tent is perfect for a small family or group of friends.

FanttikOutdoor Camping Tent

The FanttikOutdoor Camping Tent, built for 6 people, measures 96x96 inches, big enough for a queen air mattress. The 72-inch height is spacious enough to stand upright.

Enjoy your family camping trip!

There are tons of options for family tents that will create a space for fun, rest and memories for all your loved ones. There’s still time to take advantage of the deals online so you can plan another camping trip before the end of the summer. The best part is, there’s no need to break the bank with these deals, as many of them are very budget friendly. Take a look at what we shared and happy camping!

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