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Night-driving products police officers and truck drivers swear by, starting at $12 on Amazon

These products will improve visibility and keep you alert and comfortable


In a perfect world, the sun would be shining 24 hours a day, and no one would ever have to worry about driving at night. While most people don’t really seem to love driving at night, there are others who are downright terrified to get behind the wheel after dark, primarily due to visibility concerns, like the intense glare from increasingly bright LED headlights on cars travelling toward them or reduced visibility due to rain or other weather events. But do not fret, we’ve compiled a list of night-driving products to help improve visibility and keep you alert and comfortable.

Windshield cleaner: Gigantic windshields seem to be the new norm – great for improved visibility, not great for cleaning. Thankfully, there are cleaning tools with extendable handles and microfiber pads that will keep you seeing the road clearly at night. A solid solution for cleaning your interior windshield consists of 70% water, 15% glass cleaner and 15% alcohol. This will cut through that interior windshield gunk that builds up over time.

  • Great for hard-to-reach spots
  • Features detachable handle

Wiper blades: Thankfully, grime buildup on the exterior of a windshield isn’t an issue due to windshield wipers and washer fluid. But, if you sleep on replacing old, worn wiper blades, you may find yourself flying nearly blind in heavy rain or snowstorms. When investing in new wiper blades, remember that the replacements can favor different windshields, so you may have to experiment a bit before you find the brand and model that works best for your car. Targeting one with exceptional reviews and a reputation for being long-lasting is a great place to start.

Headlight cleaning kit: Similar to how windshields can seem to magically lure grime to their surface, headlight covers tend to cloud over with dirt and debris over time. If you are under the impression that your headlights are getting dimmer, it may just be that your headlight covers need a thorough cleaning. There are numerous restoration kits on the market, but a good tip is to find one with a sanding drill bit head to reduce the large amount of elbow grease (aka sanding by hand) that is required to complete this job. Let the drill do most of the hard labor for you.

  • Includes 2-step sanding discs, 2-step polishing pads and compounds, Ceramic Nu-Sealer Coating, prep pads, sanding drill bit
  • Works on all plastic lens

New headlights: If your headlight covers are clean and clear but you still feel as if you could use more light in your life, you may want to opt for a bulb upgrade. If you want the brightest light, then opt for modern LED or HID headlights that emit a cold white or blue light. These will brighten your field of vision, but they may also bother motorists that are heading toward you. If you want to stick with old-school lights that emit a warm yellow color, then opt for more powerful halogen bulbs. If you do opt for LED or HID bulbs, make sure to install them so they are aimed down at the road, not at the other drivers.

Night vision glasses: If you’re on the receiving end of those bright LED bulbs, then consider night driving glasses. Most night vision glasses feature yellow lenses that help to filter out the blue light that is most likely to cause glare when it enters the eye. Some users also say that the yellow lenses increase the contrast in their field of vision.

Car seat cushion: Here’s another item that can come in handy on the long night drives. Back and sciatica pain on long trips can be distracting. Constantly shifting your seating position can pull your attention from the road ahead. A quality memory foam seat cushion can help relieve hip pressure caused by sitting for long periods and will keep you sitting pretty (and still) in the driver’s seat. Look for a cushion that has a washable cover, and make sure the memory foam returns to its original shape after each use.

  • 100% memory foam
  • Non-slip rubber bottom prevents cushion from slipping

Quality coffee: Staying awake and alert is essential for any night drive. Is there anything more American than reaching for a travel mug filled with your favorite caffeine-packed roast blend? What’s more, there’s even a veteran-owned coffee company (Fire Department Coffee) run by a team of firefighters, first responders and coffee experts crafting great roasts that will help you to get where you were you are going minus the droopy eyelids.

  • Veteran-owned
  • Roasted without sugar, preservatives, or soy

Video cameras: In the event of a worst-case scenario where you actually get in some sort of accident while you are driving at night, having an onboard dashcam that records all the events can save you from myriad legal headaches. You will have definitive proof of the events that led to the incident, hopefully eliminating the potential for contradictory accounts. Just make sure to purchase a camera that has superior night vision that can capture important details clearly under low-light conditions. Also, look for a unit that includes both front and rear cameras for your vehicle.

BONUS product

  • Equipped with HDR/WDR technology for filming in low-light conditions
  • Manage dashcam with smartphone app

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