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Police officer training in an age of reform

While some cities are currently calling for police defunding, what has become clear is that elected officials, the media and activists are all aware of the importance of police training. This special coverage series reviews how police departments can proactively identify opportunities for improving training.

As VR technology improves, complex scenarios can be developed that provide real value for officer training, as well as improve community engagement
There are ways to improve academy training to promote desired learning outcomes that transfer to real-world encounters
Focus your efforts on the specific tasks in your job description that have the highest probability of ending up in tragedy
Often used to create immersive gaming environments, virtual reality technology is being used to train officers to work through dangerous situations in safety
How the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is using customer experience training to improve police-community interactions
Law enforcement agencies across the country are using a variety of virtual reality and simulation training to better protect and serve
A look at some of the discussions and legislation that has been passed in major training areas over the past year
Partnership between Arizona State University and Tempe PD yielded a curriculum designed to help officers keep contacts with the public peaceful and productive