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Will your department thrive or be left behind in today’s data-driven world? (eBook)

Download the free eBook to learn how to leverage the right tools to modernize your department’s approach to leveraging policing technology

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Technology is advancing at such a dizzying speed that it is a challenge for police leaders to stay knowledgeable about the latest developments and how they can transform LE operations. While the goal of technology in policing is simple – to improve situational awareness while delivering a unified, efficient workflow that frees officers from the burdens of administrative tasks – the procurement and implementation of the hardware and software to accomplish this can seem overwhelming.

This eBook provides an essential checklist for police leaders to follow to develop a customized total technology solution for their agency.

Download this free eBook to learn:

  • How your agency can build a build a digital roadmap and why you need one
  • Best practices and pitfalls to avoid as your agency prepares to leverage artificial intelligence as a tool
  • How to evaluate the efficacy of police training in a data-driven world
  • How RMS platforms can boost policing productivity