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PoliceOne Webinar: How the cloud helps police collaborate and create response efficiencies

Learn how to save money and lives using cloud computing


The time to deploy the cloud is now.

The following is paid content sponsored by Cisco, collab9 and Comstor.

By Police1 Staff

The time to embrace the ‘cloud’ is now.

Moving police data to the cloud is a simple, secure, reliable and cost-effective way to better collaborate to protect the lives of police and citizens. Plus, it saves a police department money!

During this free webinar hosted by and sponsored by Cisco, collab9 and Comstor, you will learn:

  • How cloud computing works to safeguard police data
  • How police can better collaborate using the cloud
  • Where police agencies currently are deploying the cloud
  • How police agencies can measure cloud computing ROI
  • How collab9 is working with Cisco to provide seamless cloud services
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