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Wear your helmet. It could save your life.
The American flag is considered a living symbol under federal law. We must treat it as such.
Keep this list of top risk management books on hand when planning your next leadership book club
Keeping first responders safe with Spot
A memoir of Detective Mike King’s 1991 investigation and ultimate take-down of a deviant polygamous cult called the Zion Society
Former head of the FBI’s active shooter program, Katherine Schweit, shares an insider look at how to prevent shootings and the role threat assessment teams play
Written for officers at all levels, this book discusses proper note-taking at the scene of a crime, different elements of police reports and compliance writing
Access practical, no-frills advice about what to do to counter the day-to-day challenges and outright calamities that make up the first-line law enforcement leader’s work life
From holsters and mag carriers to red dot sights and tactical lights, get ready to shop smart and save big!
This book walks law enforcement officers through the steps they can take to help prevent mental breakdowns
How to be successful from your first day at the police academy through graduation day
Whether your dad is an outdoor enthusiast or simply loves gear that’s as tough as he is, discover the ultimate tactical gifts that will make this Father’s Day unforgettable
The risks of injury to a police officer’s eyesight are present almost any time they are working, not just when qualifying with a firearm
Find the perfect blend of protection, durability and comfort tailored to your unique needs as a female first responder
Patrol officers will be able to watch live video feeds from drones dispatched to crime scenes by a gunshot detection system
Author and police veteran David Berez shares resiliency techniques officers can use to raise their baseline of mental and emotional strength
Host Jim Dudley and Police1 columnist Chris Littrell share some recommendations
Dive into a curated collection of must-read public safety books, from thrilling accounts and leadership lessons from the front lines, to read-aloud children’s favorites
Innovative approaches to community policing
The University Police Department wanted a seamless KVM solution integrating multiple systems over IP
Be smart about when and where you don shades
The Akron Police Department SWAT teams used ballistic plates supplied by ShotStop Ballistics, which is under federal investigation for allegedly selling “counterfeit” gear
The submissions were judged on criteria including appearance, functionality, innovative use of technology and compliance with uniform standards
1,800 public service professionals gathered to discuss how technology provides operational continuity and interoperability
Law enforcement agencies must understand the potential pitfalls and mitigate them with policy, training and ethical guidelines
The move follows similar bans in Colorado and California and rejections of the diagnosis by the American Medical Association and National Association of Medical Examiners
From painter’s tape to a post-project wash box, stock up on these DIY essentials
The Atlanta Police Department changed its policy in the wake of the incident, instructing officers not to arrest drivers for refusing to sign traffic citations