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Motorola Solutions introduces next generation functionality for the APX NEXT radio

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Smart application services provide groundbreaking mapping and messaging capabilities.

CHICAGO — The ability to share information quickly is critical for first responders. Motorola Solutions today announced new intelligent and intuitive application services for the APX NEXT Project 25 (P25) smart radio. These enable users to quickly find each other on an interactive map and share multimedia messages. APX NEXT is the company’s most advanced radio that provides mission-critical voice communications on land-mobile radio (LMR) networks while using broadband networks for data applications.

“Technology changes, but one thing remains constant, and that’s mission-critical radio voice communication as a lifeline for first responders,” said Scott Mottonen, senior vice president of Products, Motorola Solutions. “APX NEXT is first and foremost a radio featuring our most advanced audio technology. Where it sets itself apart is in its ability to simultaneously use LMR networks for voice communications and broadband networks for data applications. We designed these apps specifically for public safety.”

APX NEXT combines the form factor of Motorola Solutions’ trusted line of APX radios with a rugged touchscreen and applications built for public safety. This platform allows for the introduction of new purpose-built applications that integrate with Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end command center software solutions. New to APX NEXT is SmartMapping and SmartMessaging.

  • SmartMapping: Built on the same platform as CommandCentral Aware, this application service provides precise location information in a map view on the radio’s display. For example, a police officer can see the location of other officers as icons on a map, quickly locate officers in distress and tap on these icons to send each other alerts or communicate via the radio.
  • SmartMessaging: This multimedia communication tool allows users to securely share videos, pictures, texts and voice notes across extended teams. A dispatcher, for example, can send pictures of a suspect to a group of officers in a specific location, or videos can be shared with a group of officers before they arrive at the scene of an incident.

APX NEXT continues to be offered with several previously announced innovative application services including SmartProgramming, SmartLocate, SmartConnect and ViQi Virtual Partner.

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