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(Webinar) Using AI to gather intelligence from inmate calls for solving crimes—and saving lives

Learn how artificial intelligence is used to mitigate agency liability, enhance officer and correctional staff safety, and prevent suicides

Sponsored by LEO Technologies 

Experienced law enforcement personnel understand that inmate phone calls contain a wealth of intelligence. Every year, in jails and prisons across the country, millions of minutes of inmate phone calls are recorded. But the manpower required to monitor these calls and review transcripts simply doesn’t exist. Enter LEO Technologies’ revolutionary tool, Verus. Featured in an ABC News report, Verus and its AI capabilities turn phones calls into actionable intelligence in near real-time through proactive monitoring.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate the power and objectivity of the Verus solution.
  • Mitigate COVID-19 by using the Continuous Monitor function of Verus.
  • Review a use case showing Verus intelligence put to work supporting criminal investigations, monitoring civil unrest, and private industry infrastructure.
  • Review a use case showing how Verus can help correctional personnel take immediate action on inmate mental health issues that affect inmate and staff safety, including suicide attempts.
  • Discuss recent cases with nationwide reach involving LEO Technologies’ support for law enforcement professionals.

Join this free on-demand webinar on JULY 8, 2 pm EST by registering below.

Meet our expert speakers:


Mr. Sexton manages the day-to-day operations of LEO Technologies, drawing upon expertise with companies and partnerships at the intersection of law enforcement and tech. He also leverages his unique experience as a former Gang Intelligence Deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.



Sgt. Investigator Nasta is responsible for the development of strategies to combat gang activities and violence in the two county jails as well as monitor for mental health and PREA. He is the point of contact for LEO Technologies and curator of the Suffolk Sheriff’s Verus account.  He is also responsible for disseminating intelligence from the jails to outside law enforcement entities. Sgt Investigator Nasta has worked for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office since 2003 and has been the senior Gang Unit Sergeant Investigator for the Gang Intelligence Unit where he has worked since 2017.

Sergeant Jason Webb at the East Metro Area Crime Center

Sgt. Intelligence Officer Jason E. Webb is a Supervisor at the East Metro Area Crime Center, E.M.A.C.C. He is the point of contact for LEO Technologies and curator of the E.M.A.C.C.’s Verus account covering three counties in Northeast Alabama.  He is also responsible for disseminating intelligence from the jails to outside law enforcement entities. Sgt. Webb has worked for the Oxford Police Department since 2007 and has been an Investigator since 2011. Sergeant Webb served as a board member of the Alabama Gang Investigators Association for 7 years.  Sgt. Webb has been recognized as an expert in Video/image recovery along with Facial recognition.  Sergeant Webb has been the Administrator of multiple Departments’ social media pages for 8 years.

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