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Infographic: Are you prepared to protect yourself from hazardous materials at crime scenes?

See how your clean-up process for potential hazards like drugs and bodily fluids measures up in this free infographic


Sponsored by Decon 7 Systems

By Police1 BrandFocus Staff

Are you confident in your decontamination process?

Ballistic protection and situational awareness are key officer safety tools, but what about decontamination of a crime scene where fentanyl, blood or fecal matter is present?

A recent Police1 survey revealed that cops are less than confident in their ability to safely handle drugs or bodily fluids at a crime scene. Check out this free infographic to see how your clean-up process measures up. Discover:

  • What percentage of departments provide scene decontamination training
  • What percentage of departments regularly decontaminate cruisers
  • How cops handle scenes contaminated with narcotics or bodily fluids
  • How often cops encounter fentanyl or other potent narcotics while on duty

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