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Cellebrite Inseyets: Redefining the standard of digital forensics examinations

Cellebrite Inseyets is designed for advanced and rapid extraction of comprehensive evidence from the latest Android and iOS devices

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Nearly every type of crime leaves a digital footprint that results in more devices seized and even larger case backlogs. Enter Cellebrite Inseyets, a game-changing platform poised to become the new standard in digital forensics.

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By Joshua Lee

In today’s digital age, evidence often lies hidden within smartphones, tablets, computers and cloud storage. Extracting this crucial information can be a daunting task for digital forensic examiners, leading to a mounting backlog of cases.

Nearly every type of crime leaves a digital footprint that results in more devices seized and even larger case backlogs. Keeping pace with this digital explosion requires agile, comprehensive and efficient examination tools. Enter Cellebrite Inseyets, a game-changing solution that sets the standard in digital forensics.

Cellebrite Inseyets: More than just another tool

For those familiar with the Cellebrite suite, Cellebrite Inseyets isn’t just another tool; it’s a fundamentally different approach to digital forensics. Cellebrite Inseyets merges the best features of existing Cellebrite solutions into a unified solution, delivering a holistic, one-stop shop for digital forensic examinations.

Cellebrite Inseyets, part of the Case-to-Closure (C2C) platform, is a cutting-edge digital forensics solution designed for advanced and rapid extraction of comprehensive evidence from the latest Android and iOS devices. Cellebrite Inseyets improves an investigator’s examination workflow, strengthens their investigations and helps close cases faster. It also helps reduce backlogs while increasing prosecutorial rates.

Here are five ways Cellebrite Inseyets benefits examinations:

1. Finding 60% deeper insights

Imagine unlocking doors previously considered impenetrable. Cellebrite Inseyets grants access to 5x more devices than previous versions of UFED, including the latest iOS and Android models. This broader reach means more potential avenues for uncovering crucial evidence previously hidden from examiners. But access is just the first step. Cellebrite Inseyets delves deeper, extracting up to 60% more data than previous UFEDs per device, pulling back the curtain on encrypted files, hidden partitions, and even containerized apps. This translates to a richer picture of the digital scene, leaving no stone unturned.

2. Faster and more efficient extractions

With shrinking teams and larger backlogs, digital examination units face immense pressure to analyze devices quickly. In exigent circumstances, like child exploitation and kidnapping, every minute counts. Recognizing this urgency, Cellebrite Inseyets slashes processing times by about half over previous UFED versions, reducing a typical 120-minute analysis to just 72 minutes. This added time allows examiners to identify leads sooner, apprehend suspects faster and potentially prevent further harm. While complex cases might still demand more time, Cellebrite Inseyets’ overall impact on reducing backlogs empowers examiners to tackle more cases and pursue justice more swiftly.

In previous Cellebrite tools, examiners would have to extract the information from the device and manually move that data to the decoding process. Then once decoding is complete, examiners would start the analysis process. Each step used to be a separate hurdle for examiners, eating away precious time and resources. Cellebrite Inseyets eliminates those hurdles by automating the entire process — extract, decode and analyze at the click of a button with a feature called Cellebrite Streamline. Streamline allows examiners to go from device extraction to completed analysis in a fraction of the time. This frees examiners to focus on what truly matters — identifying crucial evidence faster and closing cases sooner.

3. Focusing on what matters

It is common to find dozens of devices during an investigation, but not every device holds evidence. Cellebrite Inseyets empowers digital forensic units to prioritize effectively with features like Quick View which offers a sneak peek into the phone’s data. This glimpse helps examiners decide whether to invest time in a full extraction, continue using Triage, or skip analysis altogether. Triage, a capability within Cellebrite Inseyets, allows examiners to set specific criteria and scan devices for matching items. If no matching items are flagged, the investigator can skip them. Triage within the solution is a valuable resource that allows examiners to focus their efforts on relevant evidence which saves time and accelerates justice.

4. Force multiplier for investigations

Imagine having a tireless assistant working alongside the team 24/7. Cellebrite Inseyets introduces Cellebrite Autonomy, a force multiplier that takes extracted data and processes it simultaneously on the investigator’s computer. Cellebrite Autonomy allows multiple agents to work on different cases concurrently. It’s like having a dedicated smart computer working behind the scenes, maximizing team productivity and efficiency. This capability is especially important for agencies or labs that process large numbers of devices.

5. Fortifying the workflow through feature enhancements

The digital sphere extends far beyond individual devices. Cellebrite Inseyets acknowledges this reality by incorporating features like media origin, geolocation and cloud analysis capabilities often ignored by traditional tools. This holistic approach paints a more complete picture of digital criminal activity, connecting the dots across devices, locations and even online platforms.

Transforming Digital Investigation Units

The increasing number of devices involved in crimes today stands in stark contrast to limited examiner resources. Cellebrite Inseyets isn’t just a new digital forensics tool; it’s a necessity in the face of this evolving landscape. By maximizing efficiency, unlocking hidden data and empowering examiners with smarter tools, Cellebrite Inseyets paves the way for faster, more comprehensive investigations, ultimately leading to stronger cases and better prosecution.

“With the volume of data that grows by the day, digital forensic units must be empowered to work efficiently,” says Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Cole. “Cellebrite Inseyets is a transformative force in the world of digital forensics, helping agencies to meet the challenges of today and thrive in the complexities of tomorrow.”

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