Vigilant Solutions introduces license plate-enabled parking enforcement suite

New solution empowers parking agencies to quickly recover outstanding fines using license plate recognition cameras and vehicle location data

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Vigilant Solutions, a global image recognition and analytics company serving sovereign nations, municipalities, and law enforcement agencies, announced today a new parking solution that leverages its license plate recognition technology and extensive vehicle location data to assist parking agencies and municipal parking units in enforcing policies, collecting outstanding fines and locating repeat violators.

Vigilant’s license plate recognition cameras and software have been trusted by law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and across the globe for more than a decade to identify and locate suspect vehicles and solve crimes faster. The company is now using this technology to develop a license plate- enabled parking (LEP) enforcement solution that, coupled with its expansive commercial data network, empowers parking enforcement to work more efficiently with local law enforcement to quickly address violations involving on-street spaces and off-street lots.

Vigilant’s LEP product offers:

• Access to open-API architecture that easily integrates with leading pay station and gated parking vendors. The solution identifies which vehicles have been paid for and alerts officers when offending vehicles are identified.
• Permit-only parking management with mobile LPR cameras, in-vehicle CarDetector Mobile software, and Vigilant’s web-based Client Portal. When an LPR-equipped vehicle detects a license plate that is not permitted, an alert is sent to the enforcement officer.
• Hotlist and whitelist uploads that are easy to manage from in-vehicle software allowing enforcement officers to set and manage zones from the field.

Vigilant’s expansive commercial data network, along with the use of the company’s LPR solution, enables agencies to locate repeat violators through a hotlist of offending vehicles. This data is accessible only by authorized personnel, who can quickly search billions of records to identify the best place to locate a vehicle that is eligible for booting or towing in an effort to collect fines.

“Vigilant has long been recognized as the leader in LPR data for law enforcement and partnering with parking agencies to aid in recovering revenue and enforcing policies is a natural progression of our mission,” said Shawn Smith, President and Founder of Vigilant Solutions. “LEP enforcement equips parking agencies with a powerful tool that allows them to locate those who are in violation of policies. The financial impact of unpaid fines can result in millions of dollars lost to municipalities. Our solution ensures violations are resolved in the most efficient and effective manner for the municipality.”

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About Vigilant Solutions
Vigilant Solutions, a leader in license plate recognition data for law enforcement, now brings its image analytics technology and state-of the-art cameras to the parking industry. Empower your parking program’s permit and citation platforms with license plate-enabled parking (LEP) enforcement to identify violators, recover fines and increase revenue. Vigilant’s easy-to-use technology, coupled with vehicle location data and scofflaw hotlists, allows parking enforcement officers to now work more efficiently and effectively. Vigilant also provides facial recognition and ballistic analysis to deliver intelligence to law enforcement agencies around the globe. For more information, visit

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