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Busting myths about collecting social-media data for criminal investigations (white paper)

Social‑media data collection is more affordable, efficient and useful to law enforcement than you might think — especially if you automate the process

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Social-media data is vital to investigations. As with any new technology, there are many common misconceptions that have made their way around the community. PenLink has put together a myth-busting white paper so you can be your team’s resident social-media data collection expert!

What’s inside:

  • What does it cost to collect social‑media data?
  • How do you set up social‑media monitoring?
  • What useful data can you get from social-media monitoring?
  • What can you do about disappearing data?
  • How difficult is it to work with social-media companies?

Download the white paper now to get straightforward answers to some of the top questions surrounding social media.