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Law enforcement agency uses commercial license plate reader data to apprehend suspect in multiple underage sexual assaults

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LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA – Vigilant Solutions announces today that its LEARN analytic software and commercial license plate reader (LPR) data helped a law enforcement agency locate and apprehend a suspect in multiple sexual assaults against underage victims. Because of the nature of this case, the agency has requested to remain anonymous and have certain aspects of the case obscured.

One of the detectives on the case explains, “We had an individual identified as a suspect in multiple sexual assaults against several underage family members. When the investigation broke, the suspect fled the state in a vehicle that was not registered to him. We had a description of the vehicle, including the make, model, color, and other unique descriptors, but we had no license plate information.

The suspect was believed to have fled to Mexico or was possibly staying with other family members in several states that border Mexico. Using LEARN’s Stakeout feature, we remotely visited all the known family residences to see if there was any commercial LPR data that may assist in the investigation. We located a vehicle parked near one of family member’s residences that matched the description given to us by the victims. This image was shown to the victims who positively identified the vehicle as the one used by the suspect.

With this positive visual confirmation, and with the full license plate number now available from the LPR detection, the vehicle was entered as a felony vehicle and the local police department was notified. The next day the local agency stopped the vehicle with the suspect inside. He was arrested and extradited, and he now faces twenty-five years to life as a sexual predator.”

Brian Shockley, Vice President of Marketing for Vigilant Solutions, comments, “This is a great example of how commercially generated LPR data aids law enforcement. It goes without saying that, were it not for this data, this investigation would have taken much longer to resolve and would have consumed a far greater amount of resources from all of the participating agencies. Had this suspect not been arrested as quickly as he was, who knows how many more individuals may have been victimized? We applaud the agency for being vigilant in bringing this individual to justice, helping to bring closure to these young victims, and possibly presenting another horrible crime.”

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