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How police can respond smarter with shareable live-streaming technology

StreamQuik's VidAware suite of live streaming solutions helps officers view crime scenes in real time, and share them to coordinate a multi-agency response

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By Police1 BrandFocus Staff

The situational complexity of active shooter and mass casualty incidents illustrate why it’s critical that today’s first responders have eyes and ears everywhere. The more they know about what to expect prior to arriving on the scene of an incident, the more prepared they can be to help save lives and property.

The VidAware interface has more than twelve channel options that users can toggle between to view live footage from any number of locations.
The VidAware interface has more than twelve channel options that users can toggle between to view live footage from any number of locations.

This is where StreamQuik shifts the paradigm with their suite of unique streaming video solutions that enable first responders to leverage the power of live video without the complexities and burdens of conventional technology.

With the simple flip of a switch or tap of an app, officers can stream any ongoing incident right from the scene to dispatchers and commanders while also enabling responding units to see what’s happening before they arrive on the scene.  

To better understand what StreamQuik offers and why their suite of solutions are catching the attention of first responders, let’s take a closer look at each product below. For more information, reach out directly to StreamQuik by calling 949.502.6741.

VidAware 2CAM

VidAware 2CAM is a portable, self-contained live-streaming camera solution that can be equipped with two integrated or detached IP-based cameras. Unlike fixed cameras that can’t be easily moved, 2CAM can be deployed just about anywhere on the fly by law-enforcement agencies to respond to changing threat scenarios as an autonomous system or as a mobile extension to an existing IP camera network. Because the cameras are detachable, they can be located elsewhere using simple ethernet cable making 2CAM ideal for all sorts of on-the-fly monitoring and surveillance applications. Using the 2CAM system is as simple as aiming the cameras and flipping the switch.

VidAware Box

VidAware Box is a portable, self-contained live-streaming video solution that can be equipped with an integrated video camera - such as a GoPro - or connected to a separate camera on a tripod.  

Using a wireless connection, live video can be instantly streamed to any number of users you’ve given access permission, including media contacts, members of your department and other agencies with the flip of a switch without needing a computer or any special software.  

“It’s essentially a live TV truck in a box,” said StreamQuik President Ken Lee of the VidAware Box.

Law enforcement applications include on-the-fly drop-and-deploy situational awareness monitoring, mobile surveillance, indoor use for creating a live streaming studio and other uses.  

Users can access the streaming video by selecting the appropriate channel on an easy-to-use web browser-based interface that can be shared with anyone via a simple web link. The agency can decide whether to make the video private or to broadcast their video and make it accessible online to the public.

VidAware Bridge

VidAware Bridge is a simple solution that connects to just about any existing CCTV security camera system in minutes so that first responders can remotely view live security camera video from malls, schools, and public venues via a simple browser-based player. Once installed, live video can be instantly viewed by simply clicking a button without having to constantly interact with the system. Simple, click, done.

Consider the following scenario to understand how first responders can use the Bridge during a real-life incident:

  1. A fight breaks out in a parking lot of a venue equipped with security cameras
  2. The venue’s security officers see the incident unfolding and notify police
  3. The live security video is routed from the selected monitor to the VidAware transmitter, which automatically streams the video to police and 911
  4. Dispatchers alert police of the incident and inform them that live, on-scene video is available for viewing
  5. Responding officers can select the appropriate channel to watch the live footage from their in-car video monitor (or mobile phone or desk top computer). Dispatchers can share the live video with command staff, other officers, and other agencies to create a coordinated response with the click of a simple browser bookmark

See a visual example of how the VidAware Bridge aims to help active shooter response in this workflow

VidAware Mobile


VidAware Mobile is a kit that lets the user turn any existing iPhone or iPod Touch device into a live security camera platform for grab-and-go use applications — ideal for augmenting existing security cameras and surveillance. With the simple tap of an app, users can stream live in seconds without any complicated setup or tear down. VidAware Mobile can also enable first responders to use existing iPhones to stream live incident and other video to dispatchers, commanders and other viewers on the fly.

Departments who implement VidAware in their local schools and businesses can introduce the VidAware Mobile app to employees and teachers, who can then be assigned specific channels so that they can stream live video to law enforcement in an emergency situation by launching the streaming app on their personal iOS devices.

VidAware Player

VidAware Player is a non-proprietary, easy-to-use multi-channel browser-based player that can be viewed on just about any PC, Mac, mobile display terminal (MDT/C) as well as on various tablets and smartphones without needing any special software. With the simple click/tap of a channel button, dispatchers, responding officers and others can watch the live video in real time using a simple browser that they already know how to use. The player can also feature live tweets from smartphone users to enable them to post silent alerts for help and other text messages that appear in the player.

The above photo of the player shows twelve channel options that users can toggle between to view live footage from any number of VidAware devices and locations. The interface is intuitive, so little-to-no training is needed to roll out the system to first responders.  

VidAware Cloud

VidAware Cloud is a combination of cloud-based services that make the VidAware products function without the need for first responders to buy, host or maintain any proprietary equipment at their facilities. Features offered include the following:

  • Stream live to various web-enabled viewing platforms
  • Capture and record each live stream as a non-proprietary MP4 file
  • Scale your live video network by adding multiple streaming devices that can be assigned to their own channel in the player
  • Share live video with other agencies by simply emailing them a link
  • Display photos of suspects, missing children and other content in the VidAware Player when the system is idle
  • Feature embedded Tweets to facilitate silent communications and other alerts

With the VidAware live streaming suite of solutions, first responders can see firsthand what an incident scene looks like prior to arrival to help them make more informed decisions about how to best respond to help save lives, property and mitigate liability. Businesses can deploy on-the-fly live surveillance with extra security cameras at ground-level when necessary such as a planned appearance of a high-profile person at a public venue. Live training seminars can be streamed and shared with other agencies nationwide to cut costs. Press conferences can be streamed live and shared with the outside media. Law enforcement can now partner with campuses, shopping centers and any public venue to provide a more proactive response when incidents occur.

StreamQuik offers versatile, scalable and simple-to-use solutions at a time when law enforcement agencies feel increased pressure to be as proactive and transparent as possible. For more information about how the VidAware live streaming suite can help to solve your video needs, call 949.502.6741 directly or visit

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