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Carfax for police delivers real-time intelligence to law enforcement through driver exchange crash response solution

Alerts provide officers with unique vehicle history data for improved situational awareness and investigative capabilities at crash scenes

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CENTREVILLE, Va.— Carfax for Police, the law enforcement division of the world’s leading source of vehicle history information, today announced that its digital traffic solution, Driver Exchange, now delivers on-scene, actionable alerts powered by the CARFAX Vehicle History Database of more than 34 billion vehicle history records. Most crimes committed involve a vehicle, and CARFAX unique vehicle intelligence can help improve situational awareness, officer safety, and aid in officer collaboration.

Driver Exchange is a cloud-based traffic solution that provides accurate, digital crash information capture and distribution. Now, entering a VIN or license plate into Driver Exchange activates a search for possible anomalies in the CARFAX Vehicle History Database.

Alerts include notifications for stolen vehicles, odometer inconsistencies, title washing, as well as VIN Alerts, which are set by officers in the CARFAX for Police network of more than 5,800 partner agencies. VIN Alerts notify officers when the Vehicle History Report gets a new record on a vehicle-of-interest. When a VIN Alert appears in Driver Exchange, the officer can collaborate with other investigators monitoring the vehicle. Officers can also set a new VIN Alert via Driver Exchange at the scene.

“The majority of crimes of all types involve a vehicle, and unique vehicle history data at the scene of a crash is a powerful addition to the ecosystem of law enforcement intelligence,” commented Lt. Michael Ledoux (ret.), Business Development Director at Carfax for Police. “Officers need real-time information to help make informed decisions on how to respond in any scenario. CARFAX for Police Driver Exchange continues to provide time and cost savings for understaffed agencies, and now delivers real-time intelligence and on-scene collaboration that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Driver Exchange can deliver an estimated 35 percent cost and time-savings by creating new efficiencies both at the scene and during records processing. The solution features a quick scan for driver’s licenses, registration cards, and VINs, as well as auto-populate, GPS, auto-save, touch diagrams, dropdown menus, and photo upload. Officers and citizens can input information simultaneously. Officers remain in control and can take over the data collection at any time, easily edit reports, and review and finalize all information prior to submission. A link to the digital exchange is sent to involved parties so they can begin their insurance claims.

About CARFAX for Police

CARFAX for Police provides trusted insights and solutions that power law enforcement agencies to create better protected communities, and safer, more efficient agencies. More than 5,800 data-sharing law enforcement agencies across North America trust and rely upon an ever-growing, no-cost suite of web-based, digital traffic, records, training, and interoperable investigative tools and solutions that serve as force multipliers in resolving cases using more than 34 billion vehicle history records, driving workflow efficiencies, improving safety, and building better community relationships.

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