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JW Fishers SCAN 650

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Scanning sonar is an ideal tool for underwater search because it produces a “picture” of the underwater environment regardless of the water visibility. It does this by sending out a sound wave that reflects off objects on the bottom or in the water column. The reflected wave returns to the sonar head where it is received and sent to the surface for display. The reflected sonar image is displayed on a laptop computer. The SCAN-650 is ideally suited for military, law enforcement and public safety dive teams to help aid in searching for missing drowning victims, missing evidence, dumped vehicles or any other items that need locations identified without sending in a diver. The high performance scanning sonar system that can be mounted on an ROV, pole-mounted for use from a small boat in shallow water, or mounted on a tripod 2 foot off the bottom. The scanning sonar serves as an obstacle avoidance system and provides target identification.