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FoxFury donates drone & T.E.D.D. tactical kits

FoxFury lights the way for Hillsboro’s first responders with generous donation

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HILLSBORO, Texas — To support the local emergency services, FoxFury has announced generous donations to the Hillsboro Fire and Police Departments. This initiative underscores FoxFury’s commitment to community support and the safety of Hillsboro’s residents.

Comprehensive Support for Local Emergency Services

FoxFury’s engagement with local emergency services began early in its relationship with the Hillsboro community. The CEO of FoxFury met with city officials and had insightful discussions with City Inspector Edwin Snelgrove, who mentioned the use of an older drone for city inspections. Recognizing an opportunity to help, FoxFury committed to donating a DJI Avata Drone equipped with a specialized light system. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to enhance the department’s investigative capabilities, allowing for both indoor and outdoor reconnaissance. This donation, fulfilled at the completion of our new distribution center construction, included a comprehensive training on drone operation, techniques on how to document a scene, and building scanning, empowering the department to maximize the use of this technology in their operations.

“We hope that the training and resources provided will profoundly impact Hillsboro’s ability to serve the community,” as stated by Mario Cugini from FoxFury “and that the donation will significantly advance their investigative capabilities.”- Mario Cugini, CEO at FoxFury

Furthering its mission to support local law enforcement, FoxFury also donated two T.E.D.D (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device) Tactical kits to the Hillsboro Police Department. These devices are crucial for officer safety during various operations. With more than twenty years of service to Hillsboro, Chief Tony Cain, who also serves as the Emergency Manager and Assistant City Manager expressed his gratitude and appreciation to FoxFury, explaining that these units will be used by his officers when securing the city.

The T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device) offers a less-lethal form of distraction for first responders.

A Partnership Rooted in Safety and InnovationThroughout the construction of FoxFury’s new distribution center, our team worked closely with Fire Inspector Chief Chris Carey, who provided invaluable advice on safeguarding the building. This collaboration highlights FoxFury’s commitment to not only investing in the community through donations but also through engaging with local expertise to enhance safety and efficiency in its operations.

FoxFury’s recent contributions reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of community and the importance of supporting those who safeguard it. “Our goal is to make a positive impact, not just through our products but in our actions,” said a FoxFury spokesperson. “We are honored to support Hillsboro’s first responders and play a role in enhancing the safety and well-being of the community.”