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Why police should approach training as a continuum of learning (eBook)

How virtual training, live fire and shoot house training are converging to prepare today’s officers for tomorrow’s threats

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Officers from Suwanee, Georgia PD sharpening their skills at the live fire range.


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In today’s environment, the way law enforcement officers are trained is getting new scrutiny. Whether new recruits or seasoned officers, there is an ongoing need for training.

To get officers up to speed quickly, many trainers in law enforcement are taking a page from the military. In the “crawl-walk-run” methodology, the tasks and objectives remain the same in every phase of training, but the conditions under which the training is conducted get progressively more challenging. As the student moves through each phase, they build proficiency in basic tasks and learn to think on their feet.

The idea is that when confronted with a high-pressure situation, the officer will have both the physical skill and mental discipline to act in accordance with their training and avoid the tunnel vision than can affect judgment and motor skills.

This eBook will outline how using a progression of virtual training, live fire training and shoot house training can best prepare today’s law enforcement officers for the challenges ahead.

What’s inside:

  • How to use virtual training to build a strong foundation.
  • How to step up skills and judgment training on a live-fire range.
  • How to hone skills in a shoot house for maximum realism.
  • More resources on law enforcement training.

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