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Firearms Training

My surgeon says it will be at six months before I can live fire a pistol again. Here’s how I plan to stop my skills from perishing with these SHOT Show products
“The officer that took that shot, under that kind of stress, that guy saved lives. That’s a guy I’d like to shake his hand.”
Beware of the instructor who tells you to do something or not do something and blanketly cites “range safety” as their reasoning
Product will be showcased at the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event in late November
Features include an indoor gun range, a 50-foot helicopter tower and a large simulation room
The V-XR offers three modes: Educate, experience and engage; each mode delivers transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training
Police1 columnist Todd Fletcher participates in the Double Tap USPSA Championship in Wichita Falls, Texas
Gun handling lessons from the July ambush of Fargo police officers
Unpredictable bullet spatter can be dangerous for everyone on the range
Instead of focusing on short-term performance gains, firearm instructors should focus on long-term retention of skills
This unique training system prepares officers to fight through the trauma of a gunshot wound with real – not pretend – immobility