Infographic: How mobile video is revolutionizing police work

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By Police1 Staff

More than 300 law enforcement professionals of varying ranks and department sizes took part in a Police1 survey to weigh in with their thoughts and experiences with in-car video evidence systems.

The nine-question survey aimed to evaluate how widely used video systems are today in law enforcement, their most practical uses, their drawbacks, and in what ways they can improve. 

The survey resulted in some valuable takeaways about the current state of in-car video, the benefits of video evidence in court and on the streets, and what the future holds for the growing technology and for law enforcement.

70 percent of officers surveyed said that their agencies used in-car video systems today, and another 80 percent agreed that mobile video increased accountability.

Likewise, 77 percent of officers polled said video evidence has contributed to solving a case or securing a conviction.

See the full results of the survey in the infographic below, or click to see a larger image. Don't forget to check out the five tips for using mobile video evidence in your agency. 

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