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Report writing for a new generation: Merging technology with traditional techniques

Nearly everything in policing has evolved due to technology – except for police report writing. That is about to change. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), voice diction and video analysis technologies are making report writing faster and more efficient. But is your agency ready? This series will cover general police report writing skills along with plain English instruction, professional and technical writing best practices, and how technology is changing the way officers write.

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Mislabeling people in police reports is a problem. Follow these steps to prevent errors
There are two things to pay attention to while using any grammar and spell checker: security and retrievability
Redundant question and answer phrases can cause confusion and make your reader (usually the charging attorney) lose interest in your case
The last thing a reader wants in a police report is a surprise
If your passive voice sentence does not fall into any of these eight tactics, change your sentence to active
One tip to improve your report writing that will help reduce case turndowns and liability
Artificial intelligence is changing the way police write reports
Tactics keep you alive, but report writing keeps you out of trouble
A step-by-step guide to configuring Microsoft’s spelling and grammar checker