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10 ‘quiet warriors': Cops who went above and beyond the call of duty

Cops aren’t just saving lives out there – they’re performing small acts of kindness that can make a big impact

Quiet Warrior

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Police officers go above and beyond the call of duty for the communities they serve every day. They’re not just saving lives out there – they’re performing small acts of kindness that can make a big impact.

It’s these noble officers that don’t often get the accolades they deserve. But that’s not why they do it. They’re pushing a disabled veteran home after his motorized scooter breaks down or buying a new pair of shoes for a person in need not because they seek recognition, but because it’s in their DNA. They’re heroes – even if they shy away from the term and insist these acts of kindness are “just another day on the job.”

We’ve partnered with 5.11 Tactical to recognize and celebrate this concept of the modern law enforcement officer – what we call the ‘quiet warrior.’ And we want to hear from you. Check out our 10 examples below of the countless ‘quiet warriors’ that make up this profession and help us define what being a contemporary police hero — a ‘quiet warrior’ — means to you.

1. Fla. bomb squad makes beeping Easter eggs for blind children

The Tampa Bay Area Regional Bomb Squad helped local children who are blind or visually impaired participate in an old Easter tradition with new technology.

2. Ala. officer drives 12 hours to return dog to family after fatal collision

After a fatal spring break collision left a pit bull scared and alone, Sgt. Jonathan Whaley felt it was his personal duty to reunite the dog with the surviving members of its family to lift their spirits.

3. Fla. cops save autistic boy’s birthday after no one shows up

Glenn Buratti, who is autistic, invited his entire class to his sixth birthday and no one showed up. A local police department saved the day.

4. Mystery NY cop helps get ex-con to job interview

James Roberts had finally secured an interview after struggling to find a job when he realized he used his only bus pass to get to the wrong location. With limited funds and time, Roberts was in distress and nearly in tears when an officer approached to help.

5. Utah officer plays babysitter for rambunctious 2-year-old at courthouse

A man in court who couldn’t find a babysitter for his daughter didn’t know what to do when he realized children were not allowed in the courtroom. That’s when Officer Kevin Norris stepped in to watch the rambunctious 2-year-old.

6. Texas cop attends student’s graduation after parents killed in wreck

An officer who broke the news of the untimely passing of a teen’s parents showed up at his high school graduation in a show of support.

7. Calif. cops push Army vet stranded on scooter home

The scooter 67-year-old military veteran Gilbert LaRocque relies on to get around ran out of power and left him stranded. Officers Eric Cooper and Milo Shields pushed LaRocque the rest of the way home.

8. Transit officer buys shoes for barefoot passenger in NJ

When a bus driver told a transit cop a disruptive passenger was not wearing shoes, the officer handed the man brand new footwear instead of a ticket.

9. Va. trooper comes to aid of stranded student

Virginia Tech student Joseph Owusu was driving home from school at night when his back tire blew. After Trooper Matt Okes attempted to change the tire and further complications with the car arose, Okes waited hours with Owusu for AAA to arrive.

10. Calif. officer plays hopscotch with homeless 11-year-old

When officers responded to calls about a suspicious vehicle, they discovered a mother and her 11-year-old daughter living inside. As one officer contacted the department’s Homeless Task Force to find housing for the pair, another officer connected with the young girl by showing her his expertise in hopscotch.

What does being a ‘quiet warrior’ mean to you? Head over to this website to stand up and be counted among law enforcement’s quiet warriors.