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How law enforcement can use AI to manage the surge in multimedia evidence, gain actionable insights and speed investigations
The 2018 Aftermath K-9 Grant kicks off October 1st
K-9 Puskas, whose heroics captured the world’s attention earlier this year, lives to serve and protect his community
Rapid DNA technology helps develop investigative leads, exonerate the innocent and prevent future victims
Making reasonable decisions is the most important aspect of emergency driving – risk versus gain thresholds should be mentally established before an incident occurs
Auto theft is frequently a component of high-impact crimes, including robberies, equipment theft, drive-by shootings and even terrorism
Graduate education can provide an additional set of tools to help you move forward in your career or utilize in your daily work
It takes a certain kind of toughness to don the badge and uniform
You can put the days of having a cheap “duty watch” behind you with the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG1000-1A5
These exercises will help you maintain the physical fitness you need to do your job
Applying Section 1983 to police pursuits can be confusing because — depending on the underlying facts — two different constitutional amendments might apply
Several design changes make already well regarded scope even better
Protect yourself against heat-related illness on the job by recognizing the risks and taking a few basic precautions
In addition to enabling clear communications and full situational awareness, it’s essential that your radio headset protect your hearing on the job
The CLARUS line by Silynx offers top performance and guards against hearing loss at a price to fit any budget
Look beyond comfort and price and consider a system’s hearing protection and situational awareness capabilities
Cops aren’t just saving lives out there – they’re performing small acts of kindness that can make a big impact
VISTA WiFi integrates in-car and body-worn camera systems allocating the recording decision to any camera within a synched group.
Avoid loans and student debt by making the most of available resources, from federal Pell Grants to scholarships to the GI Bill and other veteran benefits
Learn how Hitachi’s Visualization Platform helps agencies make sense of the myriad data and video collected by officers on the street and third-party camera systems.
Grant funding for new technology systems is competitive, but these tips will help make your submission stand out.
Help us as we acknowledge an evolving version of police honor and achievement