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The Leadership Beat

The Leadership Beat column is part of Police1’s Police Leader Playbook. In these Q&As, veteran police leaders reflect on their early days in leadership roles and offer advice, while newer leaders detail their experiences taking on a new position.

Chief Erik Scairpon explores the pivotal role of mentorship, community engagement, and proactive leadership development in modern policing
Chief Marcelo A. Blanco reflects on the importance of a familial culture, value-based leadership and inclusive decision-making to serve and support his team and community
Chief Kelly Bakken details the steps she took to reimagine her agency’s culture, prioritizing officer training, professional development and community engagement
Chief Jeffrey D. Yarbrough shares his philosophy on leadership, which prioritizes breaking down silos and ensuring creating organizational culture is a collective effort
Chief Paco Balderrama discusses how the role of chief is not to micromanage but to inspire
New Mexico State Police Chief W. Troy Weisler discusses how to enhance agency communication and foster a team-oriented culture
Chief Kurt Holden discusses how the five pillars of a successful organization − people, policy, training, supervision and discipline – drive his decision-making process
Chief Chad McCluskey discusses how culture, trust and respect are the foundation for officer retention
Chief Tom Wetzel discusses the importance of fostering a servant guardian mindset, value-based behaviors and collaborative decision-making
Chief Schenita Stewart shares her key strategies to build employee morale through servant leadership
Chief Phil Baebenroth discusses how prioritizing safety, technology, equipment and opportunities is key to building officer morale
Chief Kedrick Sadler discusses how being accountable to yourself and your followers is the foundation of effective leadership
Chief George Paugh discusses the importance of offering good technology and equipment for officers, and strengthening bonds with the community
Chief Sean Washington details how his agency seeks to serve by hearing the perspectives of both their personnel and their community
Chief Jonathan B. Flores details the incremental steps he has taken to implement transformative change in his agency
Chief Roger Schei details how he seeks to improve morale, align his agency more closely with its mission and initiate a shift in culture