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Chrystal Fletcher

Reflections from the Range

Chrystal Fletcher is a firearms instructor and co-owner of Combative Firearms Training, LLC, providing firearms training, instructor development classes and force response training to law enforcement, private security and armed citizens. She has trained shooters and instructors from coast to coast in order to maximize their performance. She has presented instructor development training at multiple regional, national, and international conferences including the ILEEETA conference and multiple IALEFI annual training conferences, regional training conferences and Master Instructor Development classes. Email Chrystal Fletcher.

From adjusting to new routines to supporting individual hobbies, retired LE couples can thrive and find joy in this new phase of life
There are real dangers when we fail to regularly evaluate our training programs
With training extremely limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical you maintain your firearms skills through ongoing practice
As mentors, we should design our teaching style with the primary focus being the success of the individual officer
Law enforcement has traditionally been a male-dominated profession and, as such, most of the equipment has evolved to suit the male body
It is imperative to hold training sessions that reflect actual working conditions for police officers
No matter how many subjects you arrest or pursue, there will always be another
Many officers fail to get the training they need to be truly proficient with their firearms
Individuals in charge of scheduling and designing training programs may not understand they are failing their shooters by making the switch from firearms training to scenarios
If your department’s training staff is not at least acknowledging gender differences, they are doing a huge disservice to their officers