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Ellis Amdur, MA, NCC, CMHS

Ellis Amdur studied classic Japanese combat arts for 53 years, spending 13 of these years studying in Japan. From this experience, plus a subsequent education in psychology, he has developed a range of training and consultation services on dealing with aggressive and mentally ill individuals. He has been a lead trainer for over 100 law enforcement, correctional institutions and fire/EMS on crisis intervention related subjects. Ellis recently co-founded GullaAmdur Associates, in collaboration with Don Gulla, a renowned expert on firearms and less-lethal weaponry, defensive tactics and Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Both share the viewpoint that one should never give up on an attempt at peaceful resolution through verbal de-escalation tactics, yet at every moment, one should be prepared to defend one’s own and others’ lives by the best tactic available.

Amdur’s books on profession-specific, tactical communication, crisis negotiation and combatives can be secured at

Tactical intervention needs to be routinely, and realistically, trained upon
Officers should maintain awareness that any uninvited entry into a person’s home or onto their property – however they define it – could be seen as a mortal threat
People in mental crisis present challenges — to law enforcement as well as hospitals — and too often fall between the cracks
A mental health professional acting as an on-scene consultant to police officers can reduce the likelihood of the situation escalating to violence