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Fred Leland

Staying Oriented

Fred T. Leland, Jr. is the founder and principal trainer of LESC: Law Enforcement & Security Consulting. He retired as a police lieutenant with the Walpole (Mass.) Police Department in 2016. He previously worked as a deputy with the Charlotte County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Department and before that spent six years with the United States Marines, including as a squad leader in Beirut, Lebanon.

Leland is an accomplished trainer teaching law enforcement, military and security professionals. His programs of instruction include handling dynamic encounters, threat assessment, non-verbal communications, decision-making under pressure, evolving threats, violence prevention, firearms, use of force, officer-created jeopardy and adaptive leadership. He is also a 2004 graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 216, and a current instructor for the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee.

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Winning on the street comes in many forms and means different things to different people
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“Unhappy the general who comes on the field of battle with a system.” — Napoleon Bonaparte
“To learn as quickly as possible, we must be more deliberate, more disciplined, and more thorough in our approach in order to squeeze as much as possible from each experience, as with everything else about mental conditioning there is no magic here.” — Gary Klein
“Only those who have challenged themselves with countless tactical situations in peacetime, only those who have refined their ability to make decisions and communicate clearly with subordinates, are prepared to command in war.” — Gen. Paul K. Van Riper