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Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie

The Ethical Warrior

Jack E. Hoban is president of Resolution Group International, subject matter expert for Combatives and Warrior Ethics for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and trains police officers in de-escalation skills.

Bruce J. Gourlie is a former U.S. Army infantry officer, a retired FBI Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge for Intelligence and currently the director of security in a large healthcare system.

Correspondence can be sent to both authors by emailing Hoban & Gourlie.

Our goal was to make officers in a “start-up” department ethically driven, effective communicators and tactically proficient
One of the most important aspects in the development of the Ethical Warrior concept largely came from the teachings of a great man who preached the concept of respectful communication
A defensive tactics instructor from a major police department requested our opinion regarding the vascular neck restraint
The US has friends and allies around the world who accept as true that killing innocent men, women, and children over an ideology is immoral
The public has nothing to fear from well-trained tactical teams made up of motivated Ethical Warriors
It seems reasonable to view a combination of increasingly-challenging training and practical experiences to be the route to toughness, but what does it mean to be tough?
If we see ourselves as protectors we can start referring to ourselves as such and maintain the motivation we entered this profession with
If a warrior is a person who fights in wars, are law enforcement officers warriors?
We can deal professionally, ethically, and legally with the criminals’ actions and still respect the intrinsic value of his or her life