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Jeff McGill

Changing Police Culture

Jeff McGill has 25 years of law enforcement experience. He has an earned doctoral degree with research that focused on the perceptions of mental health and suicide amongst law enforcement recruits. Jeff is a co-founder of Blue H.E.L.P., a national nonprofit that works to reduce the stigma of mental health issues in law enforcement. He now works full time as the Director of Public Safety Training at Northwest Florida State College overseeing training for law enforcement, corrections, dispatchers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and firefighters.

Law enforcement can learn a lot from academia, business and high-performance military teams on stress management and human performance
Changing police culture is going to require some of us to challenge the law enforcement dogma
Changing the structure and format of police academies has the potential to provide departments with leading policing experts in the classroom without any cost of travel
Officers train together to manage violence, discuss the latest tactics and have a commitment to ensure they all go home, but rarely discuss their mental health
An estimated 10 to 30 percent of first responders will have some type of traumatic stress injury during their career
Taking the stress of the job home with us is inevitable, but it can be managed — and should be for the sake of our families
Tactical mental imagery gets us through the day, but strategic mental imagery gets us through the night
Critical incident debriefings conducted by peer supporters are essential for addressing the immediate reactions to traumatic stress for LEOs
You have either been to a call or you are heading to the call in the future that will leave a hole in you, but you have an enormous amount of control in how you are changed by how you prepare
It is time to work to remove the stigma for treatment of psychological injuries and push for early intervention